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It works, but the side effects aren't pleasant, and it causes a 'flat affect.' That means that one appears to have little or no emotional reaction, even when one would be appropriate and the lack of one would not.

Evolution is Mythology!
I am currently doing a 7-day regimen with Levaquin, and it seems to be doing the trick. AT LAST! Now, if I can just keep from getting a 'new' infection of this cussed bronchitis. Anybody out there who smokes, PLEASE QUIT! NOW! It just ain't worth it. Believe me. What I'm going through is basically for life. Literally.

A Liar, and Tells Lies!
Sort of a class action suit in reverse, as it were.

Malaysian Mania, Part 3
No shit! Fran Dresher (The Nanny on TV) was on Hollywood Squares recently with her pooch. That's exactly what she did. I almost tossed my cookies. Do you know where dogs PUT their mouths????

Semi-precious demi-stones
Are you talking about cut or uncut prices?

Femme Festaal
The 'real crimes' are obstruction of justice and perjury. The prosecutors are apparently having some trouble making the charges stick, at the moment. One can commit either one of those crimes and still not leave enough evidence to make a prosecution stick. Whether Billy did exactly that is a question mark in my mind. I've heard both sides of the case by now, and still have some doubts. I think that Billy is just extra slick, and knows how far

Jim Staal LIVES!
Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe, by John Boswell.

Latest Fundy trip to Heaven
A fellow from Alberta, Canada loaded his semi with recyclable plastic for a trip to our midland. He was then warned about the unmarked railroad crossing as the road intersected with the main street. His manifest said he was to take the plastic to Alberta. He called his boss on his cell phone as he was pulling out of the warehouse, and was talking on the cell phone straightening out the discrepancy between Alberta and the midsection of our country

No, they aren't. They believe it when the Bible says that no-one knows when Jesus will return. Although they do have a history of past predictions regarding the End of the World, they now repudiate that past.

Evolution is Mythology!
I feel pretty good. For the first time since before Thanksgiving, I'm taking a small trip down the valley and meeting a friend for lunch. The round trip is perhaps 60 miles. If I was feeling like I did a couple of weeks or so ago, I'd've picked a restaurant in my own neck of the woods. Believe me! I am looking forward to the little jaunt into Wine Country and an hour or two with my friend from my

Be awfully careful what you pray for. . . .
....because you might get it. From: <> To: <>; <> Cc: <> Subject: [chstate] A Religious Right View of Vouchers Date: Wednesday, February 03, 1999 7:25 PM As a clarification of a prior explanation of the impact of the ruling of the Wisconsin Supreme Court (which was left standing by the U.S. Supreme Court), the vice president of the Religious Right group called Citizens for Excellence in Education (CEE), Kathi Hudson, wrote the following. Organizations in

Femme Nikita Festaal
I think he loves his work and his travel. I also think his family is used to his being away from home so much, just as a long-distance trucker's family gets used to the 'man of the house' being away so much. His wife knew when they married that he would be traveling the world, and accepted that as part of the package. It isn't the QUANTITY of time one spends with one's family that created a strong bond, but

This is even more effective if you add something that weights enough to make them pay ectra postage. A few post cards from your magazines works nicely. MB

Doha? We've got a problem
Are you telling me that Billy wasted a perfectly good stogie on Monica, then never go ANY use out of it himself?

Jim Staal's Catholic Masters
like They are already aligned on a lot of issues, and work closely together on those issues (abortion, prayer in the schools, homosexuality, etc.).

Jim Staal LIVES!
for I guess it depends on who heads the local chapter. Here in Portland, over the Xmas and NY holidays, they have made some kind of a deal with the cab companies in town where a phone call will take you free, in a cab, to the address on your driver's license, and a tow of your car to the same address for $10. They will only deliver you and your car to your home address to prevent people from

Evolution is Mythology.
Laurie: I received this hateful and unchristian note from somebody who is using your logon. I thought that, being a Christian who believes in the God of Love, you ought to know so you could investigate and put a stop to it. Marilyn Burge

Jim Staal's Catholic Masters
or I don't know. It just seems to me that they are in bed with each other on a good many issues, and have learned to ignore their differences in order to achieve their goals, which appear to be an American theocracy. MB

Jim Staal LIVES!
Not that I've ever heard.

Children? Kill 'em all!
We were in one of those places that costs at least $50 for a dinner for two, no drinks or dessert $100 if you do much of either of the exceptions, and there was a large party close by at a round table that had a couple of kids running 'round and 'round the table. The waitresses, burdened with HUGE trays heavily laden with dinners, were doing the huckle-buck around the zooming kids, the 'adults' at the table were