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That isn't so. The French were in there for years prior to our involvement. In fact, they warned us that it was a tar baby from which we would never be able to gracefully extricate ourselves, once we became involved.

Church & politics
a No, an alcoholic is ADDICTED to alcohol. They can no more quit drinking without help than a heroin addict can quit mainlining without help. Their body chemistry has changed in such a way that they 'need' alcohol in order to just function normally. Some get drunk; some don't. Some drink on a more or less regular schedule; some are intermittent; but all are addicted, else they are not alcoholics. Habitual drinkers can and often do stop on

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'Everything that lives and moves, huh.' Try eating a lot of plants, and they'll quite ceremoniously 'plant' you! Another lie is found in the Bible by an inerrantist. Wadda surprise!

There's a whole book written on this topic, the name of which eludes me at the moment. The long and the short of it is that politics quickly became entrenched, and the scraps that were in the jurisdiction of a particular individual were quickly assumed to be the legacy of a pet kiss-ass who worked with that individual. Also, there was fear that the scrolls contained material that would make a fool out of current doctrine and dogma in the

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SPLIT: 11 Jan 99 01:50:27 @105/40 2 02/02 to make ultimate use of the unique opportunity posed by the millennium's end, Pope John Paul II prepares for the great harvesting. He has issued an edict which declares the year 1999 a Holy Year and guides Catholics on the pathway to heaven. Reminding at medieval practices, which once sparked Martin Luther's Reformation, the edict includes ways of earning indulgences, which purify the soul from sins and grant a smooth transfer

Lonnie has a new cause, ripe for the picking. Some gay students at one of our two universities wants a floor in some of the dorms just for gay people. They say that there is no place on campus where they can just kick back and be themselves, with no self-consciousness. They aren't interested in their own dorm, so much as just space that is theirs alone. Lonnie is bound to call that 'special rights' for gays, even though other

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That confirms what I would have expected. The clown on Politically Incorrect was using the old name-dropping trick. Unfortunately, it worked quite well with the group that was gathered that night. Dishonesty never bothers these clown at all, does it?

Almost. That's Murphy's Law, Fifth Corrolary: In a heirarchy, as in a septic tank, The big chunks always rise to the top. I had that on the back of my typewriter when I worked with a bunch of civil engineers. My boss, once removed, happened to see it and probably knew it was directed at him. He said, "cute, but it isn't quite true. As a civil engineer I can tell you that actually, it's the little chunks that sink

It's the Cadillac of long-haul trucks. Of course, somebody who spends more time driving a plane than they do a car probably wouldn't know that.

I thought about that after I posted what I did. My answer would be: Oh, about half a Dr. Ruth and two fundies.

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Lithium is a naturally occurring chemical, sometimes found in water. Ashland, Oregon has a fountain in its park that provides 'lithia water' to the populace every minute of every day. Lithium is used to treat bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive syndrome.

pita bread moon
Plus, they are guilty of idolatry.

They, too, are fundies. They don't think we should be using ANY animals for medical research not even MICE! They don't want us wearing leather goods, or eating meat of any kind.

Scientology - Part 7 of 7 [2]
Thanks for the report. I hope you remembered to say 'hi' to 'Bulldog Curry' for me. MB

Evolution is Mythology!
Yes. What I'm going through is a good example of the problem. I am now finishing up my second round with doxycycl, after completing one round of Bactrim. I still have the infection, and will call my doctor tomorrow to see where we go from there. Resistant strains of bacteria are a bitch.

And, spleenless bodies got that way through SURGERY, which means that their offspring HAD spleens, even though the parent(s) didn't.

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I wouldn't brag about it.

I just finished reading _The Mormon Murders_. Quite a tale. Those guys are sure paranoid about their scamming founder's past, aren't they?

You probably should have looked at it a bit closer. Seventh-day Adventists believe that the AntiChrist will be a Catholic Pope. They rely on the Ten Commandments for their belief in the same Sabbath as the Jews celebrate (remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy). They are strong believers in a literal interpretation of the Book of Revelation.

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Those are the Bill of Rights. But they weren't given to us, but, rather, We the People RETAINED those rights under the Constitution. There was considerable debate at the Constitutional Convention about whether they ought to be spelled out in the original document. The antis won, on the premise that spelling them out led the reader of the document to the conclusion that those were the only rights We the People had. The fact is, We the People have ALL