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You got that one right. <grin> Incidentally: I've found the Episcopal stuff you directed me to. There's one address you gave me that, when I click on the hypertext stuff, always returns the message "FORBIDDEN." I've never seen that one before. Maybe they think I'm a spy. <grin> I've downloaded a bunch of articles Spong wrote for the VOICE, and will read them offline. I really enjoy his work. Thanks for your help.

Boy Scots Finally Lose One
On January 18, 1996, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission issued a finding of Probable Cause in the case of Margaret Downey-Schottmiller v. Chester County Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Margaret LDowney, an AHA board member, had filed a complaint with the commission on behalf of herself and her son, Matthew, alleging unlawful discrimination by the BSA, which had refused to permit her to become an adult volunteer and her son to become a Boy Scout because

satan runs
I think we've got a christer takeover. FREEESSSHHH MEEAAAT!!!!!!

[2/2] Re: lack of any Evi
Notice how self-centered that is. God didn't prepare HIM to meet any of HER needs, just the other way around. Gawd! what an egomaniac!

Pretty soon he'll have to purchase a bigger HD to accommodate his twitlist. <grin>

A Fair & Just God [1]
Hard for me to relate, since I've never own a gun. But I'm aware that emotion sometimes takes over and we do things that are, in the abstract, against our principles. This could be one of those instances. Only time will tell, I suppose. I wouldn't counsel him either way; I'd tell him he has to do what he has to do, and, regardless of which way he chooses, there are consequences that he must live with. I'd also tell

A Fair & Just God [2]
I might well have been one of those who hid Jews in my attic, or had a pipeline to the underground that hastened Jews out of the country before the authorities could find them. I might also have been a person who merely spoke out against the way Jews were being treated probably at my own peril. There are no inconsistencies that I can see. I've explained to you those elements that you THOUGHT were inconsistent, and they have

A Fair & Just God
Nice selective memory you've got there, Al. HE HARDENED PHAROAH'S HEART SO HE COULDN'T RELEASE THE HEBREWS! So even here his culpability is apparent. Sure, if Jehovah doesn't zap 'em first. Yeah. Like all those Christian martyrs who sacrificed themselves to a god that didn't know right from wrong. More double standard. Remember hell for eternity? The Bible merely says he was outraged at their choice of a god to worship. Big fucking deal! They followed their consciences and culture.

You are forgetting that He Himself created it. And you are also forgetting that, according to the myth, he created it without death. Now you're saying that a world without death would be hellish. I guess he created a hellish world, then, and feeding us that crap about A&E was merely his way of implementing a bug fix. I'm not surprised. Do you eat meat? At least I'm intellectually honest about it. So you've invented an invisible hierarchy in order

You have GOT to be kidding! They fly away in order to preserve their lives. In no way do they have enough sentience to connect their actions with mine; they merely are showing a survival trait. Period. If they did not have the apparent reflex, we'd not have mosquitoes. Nonsense! I allow mosquitoes to be mosquitoes, just as I allow humans to be humans. As for your god being unwilling to communicate with us, that, too is garbage. He's never

Not everybody handles unpleasant prospects in the same way. What I said above is but one way to handle the unpleasant prospect of one's demise. We handle our demise in ways that differ from how believers handle that same prospect. No doubt about it. Some people can look unpleasant reality squarely in the eye and stare it down; others must look away at the pretty flowers, pretending that those lovely colors and smells are the only reality that exist, despite

A Fair & Just God
That is my whole point, stupid. He is too much of a hypocrite to follow the rules that he condemns others to eternal torment for disobeying. The old "do as I say and not as I do" routine. I don't follow any leader who is so demonstrably incapable of following his own rules. He's a petty tyrant, not a god of love, as his PR Department insists to characterize him.

Now for a moment of egotism. I'm the one who originally posted those rules of argumentation. They've sure gotten the mileage since. Probably the only real positive contribution I've made to this newsgroup in the years I've posted here.

Theological Arguments
From: on behalf of Vic Stenger Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 1996 6:04 PM To: Multiple recipients of list Subject: Does the System Adminstrator Exist? Article reposted from talk.atheism Author was Andy Gray Posted on 1 Mar 1996 13:32:54 -0800 (Special thanks to the guys on alt.atheism.) Given that there is a lot of discussion about whether or not our LAN really does have a System Administrator, and given that no empirical evidence of

That's what the Last Rites are for, Al, so a person can get absolved of those sins that they committed since their last Confession.

Going Away
I'm still trying to figure out how a vegetarian will survive for all those months at sea. Maybe he'll use the hull of his vessel as a place to store his "fertilizer" and then plant a garden in it, as that one fundy suggested Noah probably did.

Yes, of course. But exactly WHEN a person is dead is one of those fuzzy things. Given that, priests will convince themselves that there was still a bit of life in the person, if at all possible. You will note also that, in the above quote, you used the word "dying," not the word "died" or "dead." So, my post stands on its own merit, as does the response above.

Many of us have done without the god-concept for a whole lot longer than a while. And, the communist regimes as structured in the USSR were more about political structures than they were about religion. The no-religion thing was just a way to redirect people's focus and fervor. And allegience, of course, always allegience.

Don't put words in my mouth. I have never said that I'm at the head of anything. I don't see it as a question of who is head over whom; I see it as an issue of all of us in the foodchain trying our best to survive the onslaught of the other parts of the foodchain. Nothing more, nothing less. We'll eventually lose our struggle to survive, just as some 95 percent of all the species before us lost

That is a very amoral perspective, and one that I disagree with. Every action has natural consequences. In the case of stealing, the natural consequences are many and endemic to the fabric of society. People are more suspicious of each other; there is less trust and love between strangers; there is less trust and love among family members; there is more fighting over things that don't really matter such as things, rather than concepts. We shape the world in