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Another lying, cheating, adulterous preacher
They're considering many options to try the case. Among the considerations are laying off a whole bunch of county workers, and raising county property taxes. Everybody would want the price of a vigorous defense if it were them in the hot seat, and, I imagine, everybody in the county wants a vigorous prosecution if the guy is guilty, but nobody wants to fork over the bux to see that it happens. Cowlitz is a pretty depressed county AK of the

This damn freaking echo
I fail to see any humor in a mental handicap.

Possibly. I know it was a book.

[REU] US: Gay Wyoming College Student Dies After Beating
We all are capable of hate. I think I can say that categorically. Creating an atmosphere where that hate is acceptable makes one responsible in some way for the outcome of having created that atmosphere. He talked against their hypocracy. It was the hypocracy that he hated, not the Pharissees themselves. These are the words of others, and not necessarily reflective of the way god sees it. I think you have to look at how the definition of god evolved

It *all* ties together! Awk!
Curtis Johnson: Oh SHIT! Who was the tall, skinny guy that used to be the narrator for a VERY intellectual series. He collected fine art and had a British accent. In his middle years he played in some horror flicks IIRC. VINCENT PRICE! That's the one I'm trying to think of!

Another lying, cheating, adulterous preacher
I doubt if in a country with some 280,000,000 people we would have to worry about running out of funds for capital cases in some poor, rural county. Even at $1 apiece, there would be necessary bux for trying a capital case in 280 poor, rural counties per year. Of course, the tendency is for the counties to say 'Uncle will pony up the cost of the really expensive ones, so we'll only budget for, say, one case in the

This damn freaking echo
Which has nothing to do with syntax. If he didn't hear the spoken word until after his syntactical synapses were pretty thoroughly established, his syntax would be a mess. My Louie has never established any meaningful syntax, and never will, and he is nearly 32 years old. The language part of the brain is a very complex mechanism, which most of us take entirely for granted, because we develop it long before we have any consciousness that we are developing

Mr. Laurielyingpileof
The only thing I could picture when I read that was sprouts of some kind. And that made me think of some upscale, yuppie, vegan bar or something (macrobiotic is passe, so it had to be vegan). My personal feeling is, if I can't identify it, I won't put it in my mouth. So far, that rule has served me well.

Jesus was hung! Ah,hanged
-n (23 Oct 98) Curtis Johnson babbled to Lyndon Soerensen... New Thought differs from NewAge (rhymes with sewage) in some significant ways. They aren't normally into all that hocus-pokus stuff that we associate with New Age. They don't do the crystal power/pyramid power crap, for example. They strike me as more Eastern in their approach than anything. I used to have breakfast every morning with a colleague who at one time attended a very large (and successful) New Thought church

[REU] US: Gay Wyoming Col
I don't agree. We speak of ___ having X, but we aren't rally talking about the individuals, which may or may not have X. Groups can be identified by certain characteristics that may or may not reside in each and every member of the group. The Bible was written by people, Jim. Get used to it. They thought their thoughts on certain matters were directly from god, but, in fact, they were speaking of their own thoughts that they were

This damn freaking echo
It is sooooo easy to call somebody lazy, instead of accepting the possibility that their brain doesn't work the same way yours does. But, isn't doing that also a form a laziness? Isn't it easier to write him off as lazy, rather than expending the time, energy, and caring it would take to accept the possibility that you are mistaken in your assessment of him? Don't fall into the same trap Judith did; you're bigger than that. There is nothing

[REU] US: Gay Wyoming College Student Dies After Beating
Please do. I'd love to see it. Thanx

This damn freaking echo
No, as a matter of fact I don't laugh at those people. I am not humor-impaired, but pick my subjects more carefully, confining my mirth to things that are far less serious.

Radio Jammer
My personal preference would be for it to melt the occupants.

Local Loon Speaks Out
No, he just decides what is right and what is wrong by using a democratic voting process that only allows Americans to have a vote. Wadda gawd!

Nonalcoholic wine, of course.

[REU] US: Gay Wyoming College Student Dies After Beating
I think that it is best to try to bring these people around to a more sane form of Christianity. It is probably impossible to bully them into giving up the Xian point of view altogether, but one can at least hope to use the Bible to tame down their rhetoric a bit. I don't care what a person believes, but I think that what we believe goes a long way toward determining who and what we are. I scanned

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That's why I have serious misgivings about Gore's pipedream to have Internet access for every school-age child. I doubt if there are many gradeschoolers and damned few high schoolers nowadays with the discretion to know when their bullshit detector ought to be screaming bloody murder.

This damn freaking echo
All I've seen is heckling. What tools were offered, and how do you know he has refused to use them. He can hardly be blamed for ignoring 'help' offered by his hecklers. It's hard to take somebody's word seriously when it is buried in so many jeers.

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From: <> To: undisclosed-recipients:; <undisclosed-recipients:;> Subject: AU press release Maryland Church Politicking Reported to IRS Date: Monday, October 26, 1998 12:53 PM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joseph Conn October 26, 1998 Rob Boston PARTISAN POLITICKING BY CHURCHES VIOLATES FEDERAL TAX LAW, WATCHDOG GROUP WARNS Americans United Urges IRS To Investigate Maryland Church Group's Political Activities Religious groups that intervene in partisan political campaigns are risking their tax-exempt status, according to a church-state watchdog group. Americans United for Separation