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A Fair & Just God
No, but he apparently, in your view, holds us to a higher standard than he holds himself, and that is the issue. He tells us not to kill, yet he commits wholesale slaughter of human beings himself, just because he's pissed at the way they choose to worship. THAT is the issue. In other words, he sends us to hell for eternity for deeds that he commits with impunity. That is the ultimate hypocracy especially since he has so

But in no way does he do that. He wiped out whole tribes because he didn't like the god they worshipped, even though he clearly recognizes in the Ten Commandments that he is not the only god. That is hardly the actions of somebody who turns the other cheek or forgives seventy times seven. He's either a hypocrite, or a god with a VERY short memory when it comes to his own ethical shortcomings. I hardly equate drawing with "thou

Who the hell is talking about ALLOWING death? I'm talking about getting his shorts in a knot about who and what people worship and committing genocide over it, rather than learning to control his temper. And, speaking of which, some dude in Scotland offed a mere handful of 6-year-olds the other day and got a clucking of tongues going around the world; Jehovah offed untold children in Sodom and Gomorrah and gets excuses from his followers. You mean, you don't

Nope. The policeman can do as he pleases. I don't control the behavior or convictions of anybody but myself. He must live by his conscience; I must live by mine. You've got it. I don't believe one human being should kill another. Period. And, I don't see the collective "we" as differing in its standards from the individual we. If it is wrong for an individual to kill another individual, it is also wrong for a collective of individuals to

So different peoples concocted different gods to answer different questions. Why in the WORLD would you think that all those gods were invented to answer the same questions, all around the world?

If anything, you have it backwards. It was in that morning's paper that the crop circles had been found. Nope. Aliens make them to amuse themselves. At least C'Don adheres to the standards he gives to us. Indeed!

BAHA'I [1]
WITHOUT CONSIDERING IT! Hummmmph! Replicate it and I'll retract my statement, and not a minute sooner!

BAHA'I [2]
I could care less what C.S. Lewis says. If it gets him through the night, fine with me. But that sort of intellectual dishonesty would make sleep impossible for me. That's just the way it is.

Indeed. What I described above has nothing to do with one having the strength of their own convictions; it has to do with the total inability to admit that the OTHER PERSON is correct FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW! In other words, to be able to admit, like my "fundy friend," that the other guy's philosophical point of view is as internally consistent as their own. I cannot ever recall the time that Mikey had the cajones to say to

Sounds like fun. Then he can talk to himself. Probably does that anyway.

I'm just learning my way around the Internet. I haven't yet found the undernet and don't know how to access it. I keep seeing it referred to in posts on here, but can't seem to get there via any of the various search engines that MSN provides. Maybe someday I'll stumble onto it, then I'll put it in my Favorites list so I don't have to stumble and bumble again. My Internet address is:, if you ever want to

There is hardly anything aberrant about not wanting to die. It is the flip side of our survival instinct. Or, do you consider a will to survive to be aberrant?

Humble Pie.

They don't speak any language; they babble. Then, somebody who CLAIMS to be able to translate such nonsense gets up and "repeats" the whole mess in English. Interestingly enough, at least one of their ilk has been exposed. Some skeptics went to a meeting with a hidden recorder. They recorded the babblings and the "translation." Later, they went to the "translator," and said they had a tape of a guy speaking in tongues and needed an interpretation of his utterings.

'american 'athiest''
To give you an idea of just how fundy Jon Murry was, he wrote an editorial piece in the AAMag that basically said if you call yourself a freethinker, agnostic, deist, Unitarian, secular humanist, or humanist Jew, we don't want you. It's time for us to come CLEAR out of the closet and shout from the rooftops that there is not god and we're full-blown atheists." It was at that point that I decided not to renew my membership.

Avoiding the Question
Yeah, but he's a physicist. What does he know about data compression?

Mikey obviously has a very firm grasp of the meaning of Free Will, Jehovah Style.

Mikey's reading comprehension problem is acting up again. We don't whine when he does nothing about evil. We whine when he chooses to only address the problem of earthly evil when it affects who people worship, ignoring all the evil that causes US untold suffering in the meantime.

For your info...
So? I don't mind him knowing. I just don't want him ignoring the message because my name is in the header. <grin> It's more fun to bug somebody if they know you are, after all.

Heavenly Father
If you think that's why you don't get any more messages, you're seriously deluded. You don't get messages because we dislike being preached at. If you can't get around to a conversational style and get off your pulpit, you'll keep living your your dreamworld regarding your lack of mail. You see they That's garbage! Many of us have torn the Bible apart verse-by verse, and would gladly do so again. It's full of crap, and we have amply demonstrated it