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I don't usually respond to taglines, but I can't resist. Several years ago, the Skeptics held their annual conference in Seattle, Washington. Carl Sagan was the keynote speaker. In his speech he said how silly it was to suppose that a people swift enough to harness the necessary energy to visit us here on Earth would be simple enough to amuse themselves by making circles in a wheat field. The very next day in the Portland, OR paper there was

You're missing the obvious. We all experience death, regardless of the clime in which we live. I would imagine equatorial peoples experienced even more death than we do, since the equator/jungle is a very harsh environment in which to live.

This is one of the utter hypocracies I see in the Judeo-Christian ethic that tell me they are way, way off base. This is one of the things I find most distasteful about the Christian point of view. You people so readily equate adult human beings with flies on the wall, amoeba, virii, chimps, and the like, yet rail against the notion that we are RISEN primates. Another very fundamental inconsistency in the who paradigm. And, one I find VERY

I really don't know what that has to do with "do as I say and not as I do." Do you? Aren't you just a little off the beaten path? Utter nonsense! I don't make ethical boundaries for my children that I was unwilling to adhere to myself; your god did. Again and again. He was a petty tyrant who didn't know right from wrong for thousands of years, yet condemned people to eternal torment for doing much less harm

You might be interested to know that Lon Mabon is in deep doo-doo in this State of late. It seems that conservative political candidates are running from him in droves, loudly screaming that they don't want the OCA's endorsement of their candidacy. They finally figured out that it is a negative, rather than a positive element in their campaign, and greatly skews their chances of winning an election in favor of their opponent. Also, several of Lonnie's top lieutenants have

Lou just shoved the front page of today's paper under my nose. I'll not quote the entire article, but I will quote enough to give you the flavor: Sunday, March 10, 1996, Oregonian, by Mark O'Keefe: WHO WILL MABON HAVE LEFT TO LEAD IN OCA? A failed effort to control Oregon Republicans and differences in political goals split the Christian conservatives. Lon Mabor surveyed the room of Republican delegates like a general on a battlefield. This day, Jan. 7, 1995,

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a You blew it. The minister answered, "Dead."

It I use it in much the same way you do. But I STILL regard Mikey as a fundy. Perhaps it's because I see a third component to the definition: an absolute sense of one's own rightness to the point where it is totally impossible for the bearer to say "I see your point."

to McDowell's "argument style" has been torn to shreds many times in this forum. He's an idiot, without a modicum of understanding regarding the meaning of the term "fallacy."

And it all could have been prevented soooo easily, if only people had learned to say "I don't know. Let's find out."

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That's Steve WINTERS' favorite citation! I wonder if he's here, posting under a pseudonym!?

But there are no benefits to natural disasters and the like, and that's what we are talking about. How handy that you've deleted the context above, so that fact would get lost. Your god CHOSE to make a world full of pain and sorrow with no appreciable benefits. He's an asshole. So, quit changing the context in order to make him appear to be otherwise. You're changing the context again. That's dishonest. Does your god approve of you lying for

I don't see how Jehovah could even put Hitler in Hell. After all: Hitler didn't do anything Jehovah hadn't already done to the Midianites before him. Or, as an alternative, maybe Jehovah's in Hell, paying for what he did to the Midianites. Or, another possibility is that old Do-As-I-Say-And-Not-As-I-So Jehovah has forgiven himself, but does not see fit to forgive mere mortals for doing the same thing.

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Not to worry. When you vote for a candidate, you also vote for a group of people to attend the electoral college. So, given that, you are voting for people who are committed to that candidate. It is true those people are only committed to that candidate for the first vote, but that makes sense, too. What if there is a tie or a deadlock? If they are committed for every vote, the College would be voting the same way

She shouldn't even know where the baby is. This is a clear-cut case of the only humane decision being total relinquishment so the little girl can finish out her childhood without a constant reminder of what she has lost. You're right; people don't even stop and think about the conse- quences of their decisions.

This scripture is pretty conclusive evidence that the story is myth. You can't have it both ways. Either he felt no pain despite having nails driven completely through both feet, and could therefore walk the ten miles, or the same forces were at work to make that possible that were available to him while he was on the cross and he felt no pain and could not or would not suffer death from that. These miracles of convenience are highly

Our higher brain simply has a hard time accepting the unpleasant. We have no evidence that other animals have enough sense of self to even equate the death they witness around them with their own inevitable demise. We make that connection and find it a disturb- ing thought. So, in order to maintain our mental equillibrium, we put a happy-face on it, and call it an afterlife. OF COURSE it has survival qualities; without that happy-face, we would be obsessed

Rhea Perlman DeVito, I presume. Though I doubt she uses his last name professionally.

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You may have noticed the bit I posted last Sunday about the real Long Mabon and his floundering "organization." Well, yesterday's Oregonian had a real doozie in it. Gordon Smith used his own money to run in the primary for Packwood's vacated Senate seat. He spent about $2 million and lost the general election to a Democrat, Ron Wyden. He has since announced that he won't vie for Hatfield's Senate seat, which will be vacated when he retires at the

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Since this side conversation essentially deals with my earlier post, I'll leave it intact and post some clarification. The Government is US. WE are the Government. What it does, we do, both individually and collectively. It is easy for us to forget that. We, both individually and collectively, have the right to protect ourselves. No doubt about that. And, one of the obvious ways we have of protecting ourselves is to imprison those who would be a danger to us.