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Nope. I do have one in Alameda, however.

Tithe = extortion
They call those "boilermakers," Dan. I think they were conceived by somebody who just HAD to "prove" he was a "man." The Lard will provide. <grin>

Who cares?
We have a major philosophical difference working here. Years ago, a young woman wrote to Dear Abbey and said she wanted to go to bed with her boyfriend, but was ashamed of her tackey underwear. (She was a young woman just starting out in the workaday world, felt required to wear "good clothes" on a starting salary, and felt like underwear was one place she could scrimp without sacrificing her overall appearance.) I think her question was "am I still

A Fair & Just God
"Do as I say, not as I do." A parent that behaves that way is usually ignored (and given contempt, sooner or later) by his or her offspring. If that's his way of leading, I want no part of it. I believe in leading by example. No, but he cheats by making up rules as he goes along, while playing with me and insisting that I follow the old rules. It doesn't take much of that for me to give

God's Word
You have a short memory. I go postal now and then. But thanks for the kind words, anyway.

If you find a buyer at that price, let me know. I have a bridge I'm tryin to, ah sell.

I'm working on it
I predict that once you get used to it, you'll never look back at 3.1(?). Use your right mouse button a lot. Big Bill finally found a use for it. Some of the problem is these new gigabyte hard drives. It is just soooo much tougher to find things when you've so many places to look for 'em. And, the other problem is that you're not used to the long filenames. If you do a bit of exploring on your

Atheist Hypocrisy
There is a concept in modern society called "intellectual property." That software belongs to the person who took the time to study a computer language and program that particular program. When you "buy" software, you are really only purchasing the right to use somebody else's intellectual property, if you read the copyright notice that is attached. The thought processes and actual code used to produce the program are not sold to the purchaser, but are retained by the programmer. Using

Tithe = extortion
As I recall, it was required that you down the hard stuff in one belt, then do pretty much the same thing with the beer, using it as a chaser.

It's obvious you don't believe your god is omnipotent.

A Fair & Just God [1]
IO see a HUGE qualititative difference between wiping out the Midianites because they worship the wrong god and allowing people to die of old age or disease. If you don't, I can do nothing but question your sense of ethics. Only in your dreams. You mean after all this time you didn't know that I'm a pacifist? I don't believe the State has the "right" to kill for ANY reason, nor do I believe individuals do. Or, in this case,

Who cares?
That isn't what I said at all. I'm reiterate: I said that 37 days did not necessarily constitute a violation, because he could have installed the software, then gone on a week's vacation, which would mean he had actually been using it for exactly 30 days. Also, he could have sent in his money for registration and not yet received the registered version in the mail: 7 days is hardly a lifetime. Also, if the mere 7 days were, indeed,

This is a VERY weak argument, Al. The "reason" so many diverse cultures have had a need for myth is simple: they have questions they can't answer. Have you ever had something that was sticking in your craw? something that kept plaguing you to the point where you couldn't adequately concentrate on other issues? something that made it difficult to do the things you must do in order to be effective in life? Most of us have. We will be

So he, of his own "free will" chooses a way that will cause untold pain to billions of human beings, not to mention the pain that way has caused other life forms. Nice guy, your god. But I don't think much of his choices. But that isn't the choice we're talking about. We're talking about a choice your god made that limited him and made a lie of the claim that he is omnipotent. Is he omnipotent, or isn't he?

I've often thought that at least part of the reason why we have done such a thorough job of munging the environment is because we've completely forgotten that we are part of a very delicate food chain. Had we not learned to view ourselves as fallen angels, rather than the animals we truly are, maybe we would see more clearly our dependence on the other animals for our survival. As it is, we see that we get our shoes from

Probably some hacker is using Herr Glodbreg's logonid.

I You are reaching in order to justify the unjustifiable. He ordered his chosen people to not only commit genocide, but to kill all the women who had "known" a man and then take all the virgins for themselves. That is an order of magnitude different than what you describe below. In fact, what you describe below tends to equate adults with newborns in terms of cognition. I find that grossly insulting. Take your god who talks babytalk and cram

I guess some people just don't understand why suppressed anger is a horrible thing to have to live with. Did you know that Fundamentalists Anonymous uses the same model as AA, complete with prayer and the works? Sort of the hair of the dog that bit you, but hardly an appropriate tool for those who are trying to rid their lives of religion in all its forms, thanks to having gotten a particularly toxic dose of it at some time

on Now you know why I gave up on him and put him in my twit filter. HIS bigotry toward US is A-OK, but any WE show toward HIM is off-limits. Also, anybody who has a different view of what scripture means is automatically wrong, wrong, wrong, while he, of course, has a clear-headed and totally accurate view of what scripture means. BTW: the trial has started. I can't find much in the papers about it, except the little blurb

Baha'i [1]
Small correct here. (I think I've made this subtle point before, but I'll try again.) The GOSPELLERS CLAIMED the disciples claimed. We really don't have anywhere near enough information to say for a certainty that ANY of the Gospels were written by those whose names they bear. In fact, it's almost a certainty that none of them were. To begin with, there is nothing in the gospels themselves to indicate that any of the disciples were well-educated enough to write