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by Am I no longer deemed to be in your corner?

One God not three
That's bullshit! If god had not put evil in the world, there would not be any people who were evildoers, as evil would not be an option. Zappo! There goes your argument. Instead of thinking in terms of removing those who participate in the possible, think in terms of evil being an impossibility, just as flying without wings in an impossibility. So, the rest of your argument just went bye-bye. Zappo!

Al, this is the first message of yours I've seen in over a month. I've seen message TO you with stuff BY you quoted in them, but I've not seen your name on the FROM line in perhaps as long as two months. I knew all that about you and Barbara. And, furthermore, I'm well aware that not all men see things the way my parents attempted to teach me men saw them. If all men were really that stupid,

Who cares?
If he made a $50 donation to the ministry, and you then used the money to register a piece of software that is being used primarily to persue your hobby, then you would be adding fraud to your list of other crimes, such as theft. You really have no morals at all, do you? You are a sorry piece of work.

Thumb-sucking Fundy
Edmund D. Cohen, ISBN 0-87975-495-8, Prometheus Books.

Subject Headers
We are big on giving a damn about subject lines. I've seen SPONG ON THE CREEDS now for at least two months after the last mention of Bishop Spong or any of his writings. You, of course, are free to change a subject line any time you choose, whether anybody else does or not.

1 god plus 1 god plus
Katherine has been posting nonsequitors to this clown for ages now. The object is to get him to understand the value of QUOTING. So far, that concept hasn't penetrated the calcium deposits above his collar line.

FoF was the group of scum behind that amendment to the Colorado Constitution that got declared unconstitutional in the courts. Nice, loving group of rejects from the KKK.

Prime Network
PreRapture International Message Exchange The PRIME Network</B> (Telnet to PRIME.ZIP The sun never sets on the PRIME network I introduced my fundy friend to our good friend Steve Winter, and when he got to the above line on Steve's Home Page, his response was "he's right, because the Prime Network is where the sun don't shine." The membership "kit" for the PRIME network for SysOps. Please spread this info around. Thanks!! As featured in Aug '93 BBS Caller's

The Meese Commission, however, concluded with a statement that despite having found no nexus, they STILL thought it was harmful to children. The one thing I've never figured out is that they also thought it was harmful to adults. Despite this, after having spent a year saturating their synapses with the stuff, not one member of the Commission went out and raped anybody, so far as we know. The whole thing was apparently a bit unscientific.

Christian Jobs
Granted, a Methodist church doesn't have to hire a Rajneeshee as pastor, but I see no logical reason why they should be able to insist on a Methodist to clean the carpets and dust the altars off once a week. In other words, it depends on the job. A daycare center would, it seems to me, have to forego any questions about religion if they are hiring somebody to work in the nursery with infants, where the chief concern would

God's Word
Oh, come ON, Jesse! What rock have you been hiding under? The bit about drinking poison in an add-on. Most scholars believe that the book of John has many verses cobbled onto the beginning of it, and that it actually starts somewhere in chapter two. The voice from the clouds that told the congregation that Jesus was the Son of God at his baptism has the words "this day" cobbled onto the quotation. The cases of added text are numerous

Thumb-sucking Fundy
I have it. If you e-mail me your address, I'll lend it to you. Marilyn P.S. OOOOOPS!!! I forgot! I can't do that, as it would be a "good work." MB

One God not three
You are talking about the world THE WAY IT IS! WE are talking about a world that could have been different, if an omnipotent god had chosen to make it differently.

If I'm wrong, I stand corrected.

Who cares? [1]
You're a real piece of work. First you insult me and my philosophical peers, then you want to abruptly change the subject before we can answer your attack, then you want to start in on the Mormons, via your scripture, which you spout for over 100 lines, like a busted shitpipe. Get a life.

Thumb-sucking Fundy
Methinks there's a condescending twit around here, but it ain't Edmund D. Cohen.

Maybe your other sysop found some inventive way to cut back on long-distance charges. <grin> I just hope that whoever does the message tally for the year gets their feed from a different downstream source than I do. If not, you're screwed in this year's account. <grin> or Fine with me. It appears to be the full-meal deal, but we might as well wait and be sure. Your new sysop will LOVE you; his LD bill will increase 500 percent!

Who cares?
I'm sure the Bible doesn't tell you to put makeup on pimples, so the neighbors won't know you have them. That's all that sending him that disk will do; it won't make him one whit more honest. In fact, I could convincingly argue that he'll be less honest, because he'll then be covering up his dishonesty.

Austin Miles
Austin Miles was a minister in the Assembly of God Church. The church didn't exactly take away his wife and child; what it did was make such a stink over him by spreading lies about him in order to attempt to whip him into line, that his family got fed up with his obsessive attempts to clear his name while ignoring them. While I don't in any way hold the AoG church blameless in the matter, I do hold that