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Paul Davies seems to be a bit of a creationist poster boy around here. I think Mikey has cited him being awarded the "prestigeous" Templeton Prize as some kind of "proof" that Davies has mainstream acceptance. PHILANTROPIST BUYS GOD'S WAY INTO COLLEGE Mutual fund multi-millionaire Sir John Templeton is putting his money where his mouth is. Or vice versa. Mainstream Protestantism's most lavish philantropist will spend $1 million a year funding new "Science and Religion" courses at about 100 colleges

Circular reasoning
No, he left out that one phrase altogether. It was LYNDA who quoted various translations that used other words primarily, the word "calamity," if I remember correctly. On a more subjective note, do you see any real qualititative difference between "evil," "confusion," and "calamity" in this context. Damned if I can see much. Regardless of which word you use, the god of the OT beat his chest and bragged about being the guy responsible for giving humans a hard

On (08 Feb 96) Mark Hogan wrote to Judith Bandsma... You are missing the real point of mounted patrols. Horse can get through gridlock; cars can't. An officer mounted on a horse is considerably above the people; therefore (s)he has a bird's-eye view of what is going on and can get to problem spots before they erupt. Horses can get to places cars can't get, such as narrow walkways between buildings, etc. Horses can outrun people, making them great in

a They appeal to a "higher power." They usually say the "Lord's Prayer" somewhere during the ritual. They say the "Serenity Prayer" which begins with "God grant me...." They are definitely not only theistic, but, more specifically, Christian theistic.

Staal shows his colon
We are definitely on high ground (and low rent) real estate. We went from -30-to--35 with windchill factor last week to around 60 this week. Is it any wonder we flooded? I took the MAX (Metropolitan Area Express) train downtown Friday night, and I must say, even in Portland where the Willamette didn't officially spill its banks, it was quite a sight to behold. The last time I remember anything approaching this level of destruction was during the Vanport Flood

I can almost wish I had an Internet account so I could use myself as a test case for some of this shit. <sigh>

Hey, i'm new
why mad Should I assume your answer is "no"? <smirk>

You are talking about the Paluxy tracks. They've been so thoroughly debunked that even the fundies are embarrassed by any claims that they are real.

"Back off before thou bump into one of my bullets."

The Unofficial Holysmoke Pick Yer Poison List
I think you need to tighten up your columns a little bit in order to allow for the quoting marks.

Or a lack of belief in oneself.

If they are dating scum, they aren't very intelligent. <grin. But, seriously, folks. I think part of the answer to that is that we make our intelligent girls feel like dirt BECAUSE they are intelligent. I know in my own case, I was told repeatedly that I'd "never get a decent man" if I didn't let them win. I remember replying "when I grow up, I want a MAN, not somebody I have to nurse along to

cashless society
a Should we tell him it's the Hindus that have the little dot, and the Muslims that have the clitorectomies, or should we let him continue to make a complete ass of himself.

Thumb-sucking Fundy
There's a book written by a fellow who has two Ph.D's one in law, the other in Jungian psychology. He wrote a wonderful book called _The Mind of the Bible Believer_ in which he explains the steps necessary to turn a rational human being into a fundy. Having actually gone through the steps himself, and having a well-trained ability to analyze the exact nature of the steps, his book is a scathing descrption of the processes involved. One step

Hello, all!
When we get messages all the time telling us that a global flood really, really happened; that dead people really, really do get up and walk again; that Mary really, really was a virgin, we end up with the impression that Christian are, indeed really, really mentally and intellectually lazy people. It ain't a stereotype; it's based on many, many data points, all of which agree on certain things. The exceptions only try the rule, they don't even come close

Abe Lincoln
I guess it's time somebody told you the facts of life. If you read the first paragraph of that proclamation more carefully, you'll see that it was AT THE REQUEST OF THE CONGRESS! It was undoubtedly penned by a congressional aide at the behest of his boss, a congressman. It is then nit-picked by other congressional staffers and congressmen of a sympathetic mind, then sent to the prez for his signature. That's the way these things are done. The president

mood have to Not only was he abusive, he was an out-and-out fool! Only somebody without a brain in his head would deck a person then turn his back on them!

My fundy friend has my copy of _The Coming Plauge_, so I'm going from my rather faulty memory, but I think those rituals involved bleeding a practice that one public health professional from the States managed to get a small group of native Africans to suspend for the duration of one outbreak in one small outback community. But getting it permanently stopped on a continent-wide basis would be quite another story.

atheist hypocrisy
Mikey is reaching for straws, anyway. If Styx had an evaluation copy that he was supposed to register after 30 days, and he spent a week on vacation after he installed it, he would be right on the line on day 37. And, given that he could have mailed in his registration paperwork and check and not received the floppy back that contains the registered version. Of course, all this misses the obvious; 37 days is one

This whole issue is wasted on me. We make laws that proclaim it is illegal to sell cigarets to people under age 18. We know that people who are younger than 18 are getting cigarets somewhere; we see them smoking the damned things as they peddle their bicycles down the street in front of our homes. Do we even entertain a thought that cigarets ought to be outlawed because of this? Hell no! We blame the merchants who dont better