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Warring Christanic Factio
Depends. Which do you prefer?

Population Growth.
Ah, the sanitized version of the WOA's assesment that he's a lying sack of shit; and about as interesting.

Ice is a mineral (Yep. It meets all the definitions of one) that crystallizes in the hexagonal system. Snow that has fallen recrystallizes under pressure to massive ice; which as two perfect prismatic cleavage planes at 90 degrees to each other. So, when a hexagonal crystal (with it's threefold axes of synmmetry) is cleaved prismatically, the natural result is a hexahedral form. Otherwise known as ice cubes. In fact, my breakfast needs a few more of this very item.

Pews for fews.
Ah, fold 'em any way you like. While sliding frightened cats acroos the room.

It's true! You're a schmu
That's the least of what he does not know.

A six pack. A slapstick. Reminds me of the time a bunch of AutoVoTech'ers shoehorned a Chevy short block Rat motor into a Fiat X19. Rubber in all four gears, but a pilot's license was required.

Suck up! Rice Brothers
In Moscow, on the road from Sheremetevyo-2 airport, there is a hallowed (really very hallowed) park with 3 huge steel-grider caltrops. This marks the place where the Red Army stopped the Nazi invasion of Moscow. I asked Yura, my driver, the significance of these caltrops, to which he replied "Caltrops? Those are tank traps." I was going to ask him what they did with a tank once they trapped it, but I was too busy hanging on for dear life

Lying Jones Scum
By fission.

Anti-Abortion mania
No fair going out on a limb.

Cheese Whiz
It's probably quite permanent, as this sort of little malady does not "clear up". It's going to be the intestinal version of peaceful coexistence; I won't eat anything that'll aggravate it and it won't drop me like a pole-axed steer.

What's that? Speak up! What is it with dogs and vacuums? Something evolutionary ("Everything that falls on the floor is legally mine." Dog Law 02/532/J). And what's with lights on vacuums? Does one turn off the lights and try to scare the cat?

FAQ nominee Staal! :)
It'll fit into the "Jim Staal idiotic utterances" gigfile. Marty "...I really hate goofy signature lines." Leipzig

High Society
There's always the rack...

The Alignment List
Wouldn't JJ's rhetoric be "masculinist" if yours is feminist?

Worm juice, Maud Dib? It figures...

Found on the Net
This sounds like just *too* much fun... Subj: Mysteries of the Bible Live on the Internet Date: 97-01-13 09:51:53 EST From: Reply-to: To: (Mysteries of the Bible) Please Note: This message does not ask you to buy anything. To be removed from future mailings, please just send us a reply with the message or subject "Remove." A N N O U N C E M E N T Live on the Internet every

A file for grins
Sniglets Dilberted To be exploited and oppressed by your boss. Derived from the experiences of Dilbert, the geek-in-hell comic strip character. "I've been dilberted again. The old man revised the specs for the fourth time this week." Link Rot The process by which links on a web page became as obsolete as the sites they're connected to change location or die. Object Value In industrial design, a measure of consumers' immediate desire for an object, even before

Story Telling!
Lyndon Soerensen, back from the Chemical Wonderland, said "Eeagah" and Story Telling! to Steve Quarrella Well, with him being in the gutter, getting the pins knocked out from under him just bowls him over.

Re: Need Head Examined!
That's for certain. Just look at all the salad-bar enviroweenies esconsed in the "New York Environmental Taskforce".

"Damn. I got napalm all over me. Hand me that lit road flare."