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The Debate / Vampire attacks! Argh! Gack! Gurgle!
It could be the other way round....

Coming late into the thread, forgive if this has been mentioned before. This issue has been covered in SKEPTIC magazine (vol. 3, no.1) in an article by James Randi. He gives the example of ketchup in a bottle as a more common demonstration.

Strange Brew
Lately, I was given several varieties of tea as a gift. One of the boxes lists something called "Sennoside A&B" and calls it a "medicine". Does any- one have any idea what this may be, and any claims as to what it is sup- posedly used to treat and any reports of side-effects this substance may have? The dosage for this substance is 10.5 mg per bag. This tea also ap- parently contains Locust plant, orange peel, licorice root, a

No, the "natural laws" you speak of are CULTURAL in nature. I.e., they arise only by the congregation of humans in one place. What do Mormons think of this? Samuel Clemens tackled the same subject. His response is an essay entitled "What is Man?". You may find it in your local library. No act of "altruism" is ever performed without some expectation of reward. Mostly because there is no verifiable evidence to suggest that there IS any reward in

Architecture? Any wasp or termite nest. Music? The chirping of a cricket. Literature? The dance of a honeybee. Is the above?

Could this be the reason for fundy implosion?

Re: Left-handedness
Jeremy Bentham, probably. Something called "quantitative utilitarianism".

Re: Feedback
Then why are you here? Faith, that's false only to you. Then you have no objections to another call to provide the answers sought? If you are not afraid, then providing the answers sought of you will not harm you. Only if you have doubts about your ability to answer, will you remain silent on the subject. What evidence do you have for this claim? So would a good warm bath....

Monod and Evolution.
I'm curious: Would it be possible to quote HIM out of context?

Case #3
...When fundys were created, of course.

do WHAT! with a duck???
And people say there is no such thing as a conspiracy....

Any more of this and I may have to start Motrin outta here....

doubting gods
Then perhaps you wouldn't mind presenting EVIDENCE for the above claim?

doubting gods
You're beginning to sound just a _little_ shrill here. ...And your particular 'way' is the only CORRECT one. Yes? Or are they just following a different path to enlightenment? No, you don't. Otherwise you wouldn't be trying so hard to convert another. Is that GOD or "Gods"?

I'm Baaaaaccckk
has So you are witnessing? Into insanity?

Knowing is growth
I know a person with the same excuse as yours. He won't touch any soft- ware that he doesn't own, or have anything to do with 'magic' yet will down- load megs of porn for his own use claiming that since he is the editor of a newsletter, he should have these pix to use in it. Fegh. You sound no different. You don't own any candles, do you?

So all medical practitioners who fight disease are doing Ghod's work? you So if you don't believe you have leprosy, you don't? Advocating Christian 'Science'?

So this Ghod is corporeal? And again I ask whether you mean YOUR religion, or not.

Re: Why?

What about this?
If we did, we'd have to rely on VIRGIN BIRTH!!!