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Thoughts After Death (b)
a Appleton needs to write what he did in order to attempt to "prove" that chance some how negates evolution. It is his way of saying that he does not understand probablity anymore than he understands any other branch of science. The thing is, the results of getting a 13 on rolling 2 standard dice is an infinite progession, as well as the probability of rolling a 1. The same holds true for any number that cannot be made with

The "plot" was not lost. The "plot" is quite evident to those that can see the lies and deceptions posted by you and your kind. You claim a debate, but you provide only evidence of a charade, a charade that you must continue. To claim said "debates" were above board is laughable, as is every message you post. I have read the you are called 'Dick'. Those that do are wrong. You are Dickless.

Fresh Dinosaur Bones.
It truly seems that your "sources" are not user-friendly, Laurie. At best, they make you out to be a simpleton. Overall, they make you out to be a liar.

By *Definition*!
That is nothing but a misquote of yours, Laurelei. Not only do you know it, but every mother's son in here knows it. Now, Laurie, post you "theory of creationism" in it's entirety. You have avoided it long enough. Where is your "theory", Laurie, or did the chickens eat it?

Dating Questions.
The ACLU "fixes" nothing, Laurie. The ACLU upholds the Constitution and the Amendments of the United States of America. Wrong, Laurie. It is virtually guaranteed that the bulk of any organizations holding fake doctorates are heavily aligned with institutions like the ICR. Further, if their doctorates are real, it is virtually 100% that that what they spew is not related at all to the doctorates that they hold.

Days and Years!
Yes there is, Laurelei. There is every reason presented via scientific documentation for you to have discarded your ignorance. Of course they do, little boy. It is your problem that you don't have a clue as to why you are wrong. Do you believe that iron axe heads float? As to the dating, there is evidence to support it. As to axe heads floating, there is none. Yet, Laurie, you claim that the alotted time is distinct per your oblique

Birds & Dinosaurs (b)
The inference is there, Laurelie. After all, Goldberg has made statements on Thermodynamics. You, on the other hand, have avoided all conversation on the topic. Is there something that you are hiding? The lack of a real education, perhaps?

Straw Man!
I would ask how you could be so wrong. But, you demonstrate your lack of veracity at every turning point. Darwin is correct in his basic theory. What you claim "wrong" is fully the subject of this thread. It is your Strawman. Based upon your reasoning, the earth should be flat, as that was the original view by some people. Facts and evidence to show differently provided a different perspective. Your logic requires that not only do those new facts

Don't Know How.
As such, you should not have any qualms about providing such scientific evidence that you claim. While you are doing that, try providing the Scientific Theory of Creationism. You are rather lax in doing that. You do have a theory, don't you?

Talley's Confusion.
Wrong, Laurelie. Your Patron Saint Gish made the claim. You are lying again. When called on those lies you attempt to hide in a smoke screen. It is just too bad that what you ignite to cover your sorry ass is the Strawmen that you have huddled around yourself. Gish has never produced the 'evidence'. He cannot, as there is none to present to support his claim. Now, Laurelie, say 'ribbit' and hop back into your little pond. 8.

Flat Faced (c)
If there is a strawman, it is of your own device. You claim that there were no "colds and flues etc." at creation. Then you state that they were the "result of eating the "apple" As that apple was placed there by your god, your god is a very twisted individual. You are even sicker for worshipping such a sadist, Laurelie.

By *Definitions*!
But of course. Our major role is to keep little boys like you from lying out of both sides of their mouths. It has been posted here many times. That you ignore the facts is well established. Now, where is your "theory"? The cat got your tongue again? Chandra Wickramasinge is the person who stated under oath that believing in a young earth creation was idiotic, Laurelie.

Dating Questions.
However, you are hell bent on showing that you are. Take a look at the date, Laurelie. That was at the height of the Red Scare, where virtually everyone was accused of being a Communist. What you are quoting and abetting is Yellow Jingoism. To be considered "one of them" by you is indeed high praise. It demonstrates that you are afraid of the truth and will do anything to attempt to sweep it under the rug.

Days & Years.
You "conveniently" clipped out the million year old dates, Laurelie. Do I have to start archiving every lie you speil and throw them back in your pimpley face?

Days and Years.
Indocrtinated must be your euphamism for having looked at the facts. Educated must be your way of saying that you are stump ignorant. The ICR itself claims that it is NOT a scientific group, Laurelie. It further claims itself to be a religious organization. Take your domga and clean up after it.

Days and Years (c)
Go ahead, Laurelie, invoke 'miracles'. That only causes you a problem, as 'miracles' have this bad habit of disappearing as science education progresses. Try thing for one time in your life. So you do adhere to a 7 Day Creation myth! The nonsense is that you do not even understand the science that you rail against. You erect strawmen at every turn in order to hide your ignorance.

Continental Drift.
What does "Obsolute" mean? 1936, Laurelie? Don't you have any recent references in your book of really old debunked quotes book? It truly is a pity that archaeology has thoroughly debunked the bible. Lie again, Laurelie. It is all that you can do. Independent historical records demonstrate the bulk of your bible tobe outright falsehoods. Just by reading your "historical" book, the errors and contradictions leap off of the page. Then again, you never have read any book, let alone

By *Definitions*!
Most likely he does not respond to you because you have not stated that you will walk at least three paces behind him. Personally, I suggest far more. That is in order for the street sweeper to wash down the street before you step in what he leaves behind.

Big Bang Neutrinos.
I see you are now stealing your ramblings from Douglas Adams. Adams has a far more succinct answer to the problem. That you have not gotten around to seeing it, let alone understanding it, is quite obvious.

Days & Years.
With: Laurelie He sounds a lot like Jim Staal when it comes to conveniently not remembering his statements. At least Staal has admitted that he is a hypocrite. Laurie just blithely plods along in his only little fog.