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your answer
There is no problem in answering you, except that your name has not come up in the pile of waiting messages. I try to answer messages in the ORDER in which they are CAPTURED on my system, and I have so many evolutionists who are desperately seeking my answers that I am normally about three weeks behind! Sorry, but I can only ask for patience or ask some other informed Creationists to join in with their contributions. The trouble is

is Do you mean to say that they have NOW found the number of neutrinos that their theory required, or have they just altered their equations like they do with the Bib Bang? Laurie

Re: your answer
No I meant WEEKS, but since I read messages as they are being CAPTURED then, where it seems necessary, as in this case, to make a brief ONLINE comment then I will do so. Laurie

Creation? evolution.
The flood I meant was the one that caused the "billions of dead things buried in rock layers, which were laid down by water, all over the world." Good point! But never mind about religion, it is just as important to get one's facts straight about scientific matters as well isn't it? How could he consider himself a skeptic if he has never bothered to learn all the simplest things about the weaknesses of evolution? e.g.

That sounds as though you are a fervent advocate of "balanced treatment" of subjects in Colleges doesn't it? Can I ask then if you were disappointed when students were DENIED this right in respect to Creation Science? A dozen of so STATES in the United States had passed laws requiring balanced treatment but these were challenged in the courts, by the evolutionary establishment as being in conflict with the Constitution. They succeeded in their challenge and therefore students are indeed

Creation? evolution #2
Does that mean that you are really a subconscious worshipper of the "all-powerful' God then? It is true that most Christians place the LIMITATION of only ONE God on God. Are you saying that you believe in MANY gods? But then a leading atheist Nobel Prize winning evolutionist says; "[Natural] selection is the blindest, and most cruel way of evolving new species, and more and more complex and refined organisms The struggle for life and elimination

your answer
Still behind in replies, but this is another online quick one. The answer is yes, of course. i.e. 1. Sudden appearance. 2. Stasis. 3. Catastrophism. These were always consistent creationist arguments. However there is much much more such as; 1. The origin of energy. 2. The origin of the Time 3. The origin of the Big Bang 4. The origin of space 5. The origin of physical and chemical laws 6. The origin of Stars, Galaxies, Clusters of Galaxies. 7.

Sorry, I don't have that book, BUT the word FREQUENT in the above looks as if it should read INFREQUENT? Would you confirm whether you have made a blunder there? It makes no sense as you have written it? Laurie

And now for something com
Hey, there is something screwy here. Aren't evolutionists supposed to believe that it is almost certain that there is advanced life in many other parts of the Universe? Don't some leading evolutionists argue that life might have been deliberately sent here by such alien advanced beings? So why is an evolutionist so uptight about UFO's? Surely it is basically an evolutionary scenario isn't it? Laurie

Leap Trivia
Hey come on now Grant? How could an atheist/evolutionist use the term "evil"? Is there really any such thing to an atheist? Doesn't atheism mean that there are NO gods of any sort, let alone lots of them? Laurie

Are you saying that we know for sure that there are THREE types of neutrinos, or is that just a speculation? The following refers to a Soviet team. Could that be the one you are thinking about? Well twenty years after, and in spite of much effort, nothing has come up yet has it? At least New Scientist of August 18, 1990 says; "A joint Soviet-US team has failed to find anywhere near the required amount of subatomic particles called

Good news Ross. I have that book of Gould's as well as half a dozen more by Gould. Gould comes closer to being a 'closet creationist' than any other evolutionist I have come across. For example he proposes THREE major principles that Creationists have consistently advocated from BEFORE Darwin wrote his book on Origins. i.e. 1. Sudden appearance. 2. Stasis 3. Catastrophism. Of course he differs from Creationists in precise details, but the amazing thing is that he is at

Re: your answer
The dinosaurs are no problem really. The real problem is to fit in the Whales, sharks, dolphins, etc. which Australia's premier geologist insists MUST HAVE been taken on board as well! Don't know why he just does not settle for the corny argument that a wooden boat would not be seaworthy enough, no matter how few animals were really needed! "Ernst Mayr, probably the leading American systematic taxonomist, lists the following numbers for animal species according to the best estimates

Leap Trivia
Can you present any scientific evidence to support your claim of a 'supreme being'? Laurie

Joseph Newman
Don't the laws of Thermodynamics show that perpetual motion is impossible!? End of story. "As far as we know, all changes are in the direction of increasing entropy, of increasing disorder, of increasing randomness, of running down." (Isaac Asimov, "Can Decreasing Entropy Exist in the Universe?" Science Digest, (May 1973), p. 76.) With everything "running down" then sooner or later NO motion will exist. Scientists call this state the 'Heat-death' of the universe. Laurie

Creationists on Trial.
Thank you for that information. I had not heard of it from any sources outside Electronic Mail Systems. Fancy evolutionists of all people trying to argue that Children are being given "codswallop", when we remember Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Neanderthal Man, Java Man, Ramapithecus, Peking Man etc. etc. to say nothing of the wild fairy stories that they have constantly made up about missing links! Just look at the following as an example! "The missing link between man and the

Then perhaps you could tell me something NEW that you learned? Was there really anything new to tell after all these years, or are you like some religious types who never cease to get a "thrill" about hearing the "Old Old Story" all over again! In other words the religious character of you "belief system" is dreadfully obvious! Then you do yourself no credit (as usual) since the famous evolutionist, S.J. Gould has a very different opinion of Velikovsky. i.e.

Catastrophism (b)
That is called, "not seeing the wood for the trees". Where do you think that places like the Grand Canyon came from? You don't honestly think that such a large series of "sedimentary" layers was laid down on a Sunday School picnic or during flooding due to an unusally wet summer do you? So how could all those Dinosaurs get trapped, buried and preserved in the uppermost strata in the Grand Canyon, let alone all the multiplied millions of other

Scientific Facts.
In accordance with your expressed wish that you be left LESS messages, because you also have a "life" outside of Electronic messages, I have been adding your messages to a "HOLD" file for the time being. That will include this one as well and any other in this batch or messages that I have received will receive. I will wait until you request that I begain again responding! Laurie

Who is a Moron?
If you had read the words of Jesus in the New Testament then you would probably think that He was a Moron Himself, since he obviously believed fully in Adam and Eve as well as Noah and the Flood! So it is all those people that do NOT believe in such things and, in SPITE of that still pretend that they are Christians, that would be the ones who are the MORONS and who make all sorts of "twisted efforts"