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Hello All! What is the common use meaning of: Conservative Liberal Radical I know the old meaning, wondering how these terms a functionally defined. Also, would you consider the meanings different when used by different folks? Regards Langston

Jury Rights
TRUE or FALSE When you sit on a jury, you have the right to vote your conscience. This includes nullifying a law or overriding the Judge's instructions. True. But it is extremely unlikely the judge will tell you this because the law doesn't require it. The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) is a national network of jury-rights activists. They are involved in education and advocating change in laws to require Judges to inform juries of their rights. For

Hello John! 19 Jul 94 22:35, John wrote to Langston Goldfinch: He made you, enough bad work for anyone. On the other hand I find you entertai ning, so maybe I don't hate HIM as much as I though. Thanks

[1/2] Enigmatisms Again
The evidence here seems straightforward: I am a homosexual. I have genes and hormones. Therefore Homosixuality causes genes and hormones. Or something like that?! I would like to see the evidnece that idiocy is genetic? Regards Langston

Leap Trivia
Hello All! OK, so every year divisible by 4 (like 1996) is a Leap Year- But, did you know- since the year is acutually 365.242 (not .25 exactly) the leaps get a little ahead so: only the ?00 years (centuries) divisible by 4 ARE leap years thus 1600 yes 1700 no even though divisible by 4 1800 no 1900 no 2000 yes but this still is a little off, so those years divisible by 4000 are also regular years (even

Leap Trivia
Must be KJV time! -30-L

Evolution in Tenn
Hello All! Seems Scopes is with us again. 70 years, same old routine in Tenn. This should be evidence against ecolution! Regards Langston

Creation? evolution
Answering a msg posted in area WIMM (WIMM). Hello Rod! Tuesday February 27 1996 12:27, Rod Speed wrote to Langston Goldfinch: I know, LA hasn't bitten yet, so I was adding fuel. Seems like Evolution is in the TENN news again- Scopes replay? Regards Langston

Gravity and stuff..
Is it not the case that "things" are best understood to revolve around a mid point determined by the relative mass? Hence two equally massive bodies would revolved around a genuine "mid" point; and the greater the mass disparitiy the closer to the more massive body would be the "center"? Regards Langston

Leap Trivia
What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell like a garbage truck! -30-L

Actually binomially that would be 10 idiots Are you aware of any "creationists" who is being genuinely objective and "scientific" I don't necessarily mean in this culture. Regards Langston

Evolution in Tenn
I know, sort of prooves that evolution isn't operative after all! I know, I know, this has nothing to do with it!) Regards Langston

Ingo Swann And Remote Vie
I saw the show, and he did show them up. But in fairness, "completely debunks the soviet (ALL?) psychics" is more like the kind of statement they make. The problem with "psychics" (we are loaded with them here in New Orleans plowing their "trade" to tourinsts) is that they really are not affected by Randi's debunking. I mean the psychics themselves. All Randi can do is offer some publicity which MAYBE causes some people to withdraw support. It seems to

Enigmatisms Again
The kind of "stupidy" we were refering to (I think) actually occurs in people who are quite intellegent. I often marvel at the education (at least in some venues) and thinking ability of many "creationists" for example. They also are often quite clever and quick. Perhaps it is a survival mecchinism? Ie, Evolution causes Creationism? My spell checker BTW, keeps wanting to replace with "cretinism". -30-L

Consciousness Is Matter
Must have missed the other half of your message! What you posted made no sense to me at all! Regards Langston

The Only Thing Real
Interesting, since all "facts" are de facto paychic experiences (that is to conciouness)- "facts" don't exist, objects do, and objects interact with other objects (you and me) creating experience. Without conciousness (not an object) there would be no "real" known. All reality, said Martin Buber, is subjective reality. And objectivity is the myth of Immaculate Perception (not said by MB!) Regards Langston

creation vs. evolutio 1/2
The Creation story (stories, there are two in Genesis) are not fairy tales, they are myths. Very different stuff. Myths are often believed literally, we usually understand those who do as "primitive". In the current culture few primitives remain (my grandmother was one)- Primitives never get so far as questioning the myth. When doubts begin three paths can occur: 1- retreat to the "safety" of primitivism= fundamentalism 2- escape to the "safety" on non-myth skepticism both tend to agree

Evolution in Tenn
Well, a disease of some kind. He now gets to speak at the convention, isn't that his goal? -30-L

Ingo Swann And Remote Vie
No, not a regular show of mine. I like the shoot 'em up police dramas combination soap operas myself! What can I say! I have had my "fun" with psychics (and their kin) over the years. I know of no way to conduct an unbiased "study" of their "clients". I know people who to me claim not to believe (just for fun) but I suspect they actually do (and vice-versa). Do you know the Celestine stuff? A friend (ex channeler

Ingo Swann And Remote Vie
One of the best reasons to believe in astrology is that Hitler did and listned to them instead of his generals. -30-L