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Alter boy rape
Golly, you almost got the point. Incidently, it probably qualifies as a misspelling, as it was repeated several times in a rather short message. It means I am a priest. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Plain 2 see
a Well, I suppose if you are a follower of Jack Spong, you have a death cult. However, you (and Jack) leave out 'the rest of the story,' as Paul Harvey used to say namely the resurrection of the Christ and the rebirth which is part of Christian initiation. Without resurrection and rebirth, you truly do have a 'death cult' as you will discover if you read atheistic 'science' the end of which is universal and infinite

Plain 2 see
I have no idea why. It is odd indeed. Seems everyone else gets my messages. at to be "Death cult" is inaccurate because it confuses a part for the whole; it omits the conclusion, the finality, which is life. Or to take your 'argument' a bit further, Christianity is a 'life cult' because, in order for someone to die, he must first live. Death is dependent upon life. "Death cult" is heresy, just as Arianism or Doceticism are heresies. Whereas

Fact: The Czar was not 'the head of the [Russian Orthodox] Church.' That particular honor was the Patriarch of Moscow's a celibate bishop. They, along with Jews and many others, including many who were involved in toppling the Czarist reigme, were opposed to the Bolsheviks. There were Russian revolutionaries who regarded the Bolsheviks as traitors to the Russian Revolution. They also were murdered by the Bolsehviks. Even Trotsky was exiled (and probably assasinated) by the Bolsehviks. That

Mormons are christian
It is. It has been thoroughly disproven by Protestant historians, by the way. (Notably David Blondel in the 17th century) That would be a variant of the usual story. The dating of 'Pope Joan' ranges in various medieval sources from c. 915 to c. 1100. (Which is, itself, a clue to is apocryphal nature.) The usual version is that she gave birth when mounting a horse, was then tied to the horse's tail, dragged around the streets

Apple sauce?
This question has already been answered twice in this conference. Your alias is noted. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Re: [2/2] abortion
Of course, choices of college, occupation, religion, friendships and contacts usually do not cause the end of a human life. The choice of an abortion usually results in the end of at least one human life. Therein lies an important distinction between what is involved in the choice. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Re: aclu news 01-30-97:
two Two people are married to Ken? Is that legal? _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

[2/2] abortion
Almost always there is at least one human life ended in every abortion. If there isn't at least one human life ended in an abortion, the abortion would be regarded as utterly botched. After all, the _purpose_ of an abortion is to end a human life. Regardless of the alleged 'safety' of abortions and the alleged 'good record' of abortionists, the facts are that women still do die from 'safe, legal' abortions. And one of the concerns of the medical

Re: 10%
That, of course, can be debated. There is, in fact, an element of sadism involved in homosexual practice. And, there are, in fact, instances of 'spouse abuse' in homosexual relationship. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Burning death cult church
Let's see. Do Christians advocate the killing of millions of unborn human beings? Do Christians advocate euthanizing the elderly? Good grief, the death cult is modern secular atheistic 'humanism,' not Christianity. if I note that you do not provide the references. I haven't seen any honest answers from you. Are you a fundie? Well yes, you are a fundie atheist. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Re: [2/2] abortion
The embryo sure isn't 'dead.' To the best of my knowledge, scientists are pretty well agreed on a couple of points: (1) that from the moment of conception an embryo is alive unless it is killed or dies and (2) that if the parents are human, the embryo is human. Perhaps you have some specific citations from biologists stating that embryos are dead. But somehow I rather doubt it. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/

[2/2] abortion
It seems that there is a reading difficulty present among some here. Every 'successful' abortion kills AT LEAST ONE HUMAN LIFE. That is the whole point of the 'procedure.' The woman who undergoes and abortion and AT LEAST ONE HUMAN LIFE is not killed is going to mighty displeased with the botched abortion. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

I don't know of any epidemological studies, my only evidence is antedotal. I would suspect that it would be very difficult to do an epidemological study. And what evidence do you have for its occurence per capita? <g> _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Burning death cult church
An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. Documentation? An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression.

Your unmitigated black ev
So? I don't believe I said there wasn't. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

[2/2] abortion
If you will read carefully what I twice stated, you will note that I have not used the term 'person' precisely because it is a concept which lies outside of empirical or scientific ken. But I have already written here at some length on that problem. I might not. (If you ran an adult human, Labrador, and walrus through a meat grinder I probably couldn't pick out what came from which, either.) On the other hand, a competent biologist could

Burning death cult church
I'm sure you have some documentation of this. Frankly, though I rather doubt it. I know many Christians, none of whom advocate any such thing. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Re: [2/2] abortion
to if Or what is known as partial birth abortion. Not all abortions are performed in the first trimester. As for the 'test' of being able to live on its own' I would observe that humans are able to live independently only a few years, if at all. Certainly, being born does not mean that one suddenly is able to live on one's own. Being an 'individual' anything involves 'indivisability.' That is can one divide the thing and have it

[2/2] abortion
Mr. Martin, chose my words very carefully and precisely to say exactly what I meant. I said, carefully, precisely and exactly what I intended to say and carefully, precisely and exactly what I intended to imply. The fuzziness is all yours. Since many users here take great pride in their scientific precision I was careful to use language of similar precision. I am well aware of the difficultly of defining the word 'person' with any scientfic precision. That is why