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You forgot to answer
To the best of my knowledge, Hitler was an apostate Roman Catholic. He did not participate in the discipline of the Church as an adult. He practiced many things in both his public and private life which was directly contrary to the teaching of the Church (besides the mass executions and imprisonments, there were things such as astrology, fornication, etc.). And generally he subscribed to the atheistic philosophies of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. Had he not been apostate, he doubtless would

Lesbianism and the bible
Actually, given the social context of that particular law, it was quite sensitive to the victim. Her situation would have been quite desparate if they had merely executed the rapist. To the best of my knowledge, it discouraged rape more effectively than our more 'enlightened' statutues. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

First cause 1/2
To say that because he was wrong about "X" therefore he is wrong about "Y" is ad hominem. It is a logical falicy. It is a non-sequitor. It simply does not follow that if someone is mistaken about something, he is mistaken about everything. Such reasoning is patently false. (One could argue in the same vein that because Aristotle held that the earth was round, he is right about everything.) Such argumentation an 'ad hominem' _fallicy_ simply because it does

Supply problem :)
Oh, get real. Are you suggesting that the motivations of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot were pure and good, and only the motivations of the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusaders, and the Salem Puritans were evil? The motivations in either case are pretty much the same: things like pride, covetousness, envy, and lust. And the alleged 'justifications' for the killings were, in either case, pretty much identical. Actually, _I_ was "trying to demostrate" that the notion that such killings are

Ken's park story
I responded some time back. But here it is again. I am not making this up. I was told this by members of the Christian group that holds the Wednesday service. I doubt that they were lying. The name of the park is Thanksgiving Square. The name of the Christian group is "Christ in the Wilderness Anglican Fellowship." To the best of my knowledge it is an informal group of Episcopalians without any office ties to or recognition by the

That would be _your_ desire, which you have a right to express and seek to be adopted. It wouldn't phase me. I rarely listen or watch religious shows. I go to church for that. I don't find religious broadcasts particularly worthwhile. If religious broadcasts depended upon my listening/watching, they would have gone off the air over a half century ago. so I am quite aware that the sword cuts two ways. You seem to complain that it cuts at all.

to Indeed. But the implication of that is that 'science' itself is of quite limited and narrow scope and applicability. And a further implication is that any knowledge gained from 'science' is illusory and transient. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Alter boy rape
Little alter boy? Is that a little girl who has had a sex change operation? Or is that a little boy who has had a sex change operation? _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Science works. occultism
I don't particularly subscribe to the notion that science is evil. However, doubtless men are quite able to put science to evil use. I would agree with the maxim, 'Abusus non tollit usum.' However, I would not certain things with respect to your remarks. Cars, for whatever their 'convenience' have had a major negative environmental impact. They are a major contributor to air pollution and consequent lung disease. The resulting acids in the atmosphere also damage buildings. They are a

I don't think we know. He was tried for only eight murders. The sentence for that was death by lethal injection. Maybe they will inject him 20 more times for the other 160. Of course, I think he is still under indictment in Oklahoma. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Re: lesbianism and the bi
as I don't believe I said any such thing. You either have a remarkable imagination or a real reading comprehension problem. It would seem that if you had read the paragraph which seems to cause you so much difficulty, you would know that I proposed the freedom of a natural moral code, one that neither dehumanizes the individual nor renders the individual a slave to compulsive behaviors. I would suggest to you that 'freedom of choice' involves choices between that

Fundy mental frolics
Hardly. Apparently you did not bother to read the posting to which you responded. I, in fact, quoted a very highly respected bible scholar (John P. Meier) and cited his work were he discusses the passages in Josephus (A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Vol. I). In that work you will find an extensive discussion of the question and citations from other scholars in the field on the subject. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._

Re: accepting reality
Well, I don't believe I said it. But it would seem that others have suggested that certain genetic codes leave certain people powerless to act. Or, more specifically, the argument is advanced that because of some supposed genetic code, certain individuals are unable to chose to abstain from certain sexual acts. I seriously doubt that that is actually the case. I would think that if one engages in any sexual act (with the obvious exceptions of rape and seduction) it

I made no such assertion. You are reading FAAAAR too much into my statement. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

I have 'looked up' what Aristotle had to say about the 'unmoved mover.' It is not what is normally referred to has an ontological argument, which is an entirely different line of argument which generally runs I can conceive of something greater than which nothing is possible. But if such a thing did not exists, I can conceive of something even greater, namely an existing being greater than which nothing is possible. Therefore, a being, greater than which no other

Where, oh where.....
Probably not. But then, I'm not a creationist. He did not 'come from' any where. He created every where. 'Where' comes from the Creator. When God revealed his name to Moses, it was 'I am.' Pure, simple being, contingent and dependent upon nothing. The Latin word 'Ens' captures the idea, but it is not readily rendered into English. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Fundy mental frolic
This is fairly close to the correct usage of the word. The events are 'ostensibly historical' which, to substitute the dictionary meaning of 'ostentibly' is 'clearly or manifestly demonstatively historical.' Typically myths, in this sense, have a historical basis and are frequently defining for the society in which the myth is transmitted. I think that you will find that most scholars use the term in this sense. Yep. As I said, there is a pejorative meaning to the word, which

The pro-life people I know find her behavior as sick as women who chose abortion. After all, what is the real difference between killing someone before they are born and killing someone after they are born? The girl learned the lesson of abortion. It is alright to kill human beings whom you find inconvenient. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

last reply
me Regardless of whether "chronologists' 'said' or 'considered' or even whether their _could_ be a year zero, the fact is that the historical calendar _has_ no year zero. The common era begins with the year 1. The previous year was the year 1 before the common era. The first century and the first millenia of the common era begins with January 1, 1. Thus the twenty-first century and the third millenia begins with January 1, 2001. And we consistently talk

First cause 2/2
if Actually, it gets even sillier than that. For the same randomly acting forces are, of course, the 'explanation' for the theorizing thought processes of the scientist. The theories of science and mathematics are, by the 'scientific' account, nothing more or less than the random fidgets of quantum energies. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)