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Science v261:321-327 8/
Of course, most other 'sets of scriptures' make much the same assertion that the Bible makes, that is, that there is a supernatural being who creates and sustains and judges everything. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Mormons are christians.
I don't know that 'pros ton theon' implies separateness of 'ousia' as much as distinct 'hupostasis.' Speaking of God in spatial terms is always problematic, even though we find it difficult to speak of that being who creates space in anything but spatial terms. By loving obedience to the Father for us men and our salvation. So that we might have life. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

I just checked MS-DOS 6.20 EDIT. It does not add an EOF character. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

What's missing
You forgot the legs the darwin fish evolved. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Mormons are christian
Typically the affirmation is 'on the third day' Friday the first day Saturday the second day Sunday the THIRD day Of course the 48 hour remark above is off. Death reportedly occurred at 3 p.m. Friday with the ressurrection occurring between 6 p.m. Saturday (the normal Jewish reckoning of days being from sunSET to sunSET.) and 6 a.m. Sunday (at dawn on the first day of the week)

Lesbianism and the bible
And what makes you think that homosexual acts are 'victimless forms of "immorality"'? _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Plate tectonics.
So noted. Of course that means that those who hold views other than those you hold are certainly absolved from any need to 'present evidence' or 'cite sources' also. And of course that also explains the level of much of the 'discourse' in this conference. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Lesbianism and the bi
Well, one of the nice things about throwing out everything that was ever written is that you get to make up your own story from scratch. Now what was actually written indicates that the rumor circulating at the time was that he was a womanizer. But, then, according to some here, he was a homosexual who never existed. Go figure. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Mormons are christian
While the argument is certainly not confined to Jews and Christians, it would seem that if there is no absolute 'ethic' there is even difficulty with the notion of 'good' much less any notion of 'greater' (or lesser) 'good'. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Re: cracker barrel boyco
If one selects an abnormal population, then it would appear that IN THAT SEGEMENT the abnormal would be normative. However, I would suspect that if one took an unbiased sample of the population, one would find that homosexuality is significantly abnormal, being well outside the statistical norm by about two standard deviations. Homosexuality a 'naturally-occuring human function?' So far I have seen non-human examples posited, such as caged monkeys, and human examples, such as incarcerated criminals, neither of which are

Driving mr. daisy
And a statistical majority of 17- or 18-year-olds have the resources and jobs to support their children? In this day and age, you'd better push your 'age of consent' to around 25. I've done more than 'grab a book and read about the maturation process.' Most texts place the age of complete physical maturity around age 25; developmental psychologists place the age of complete mental and emotional maturity past 'middle age.' 'Maturity' can be a pretty elusive concept in itself;

20 questions + a
The theological answer to your question is that God created a universe in which he placed creatures capable of chosing between living in accordance with the prinicples governing that universe and and living in a way that is contrary to those principles. One of the principles governing the created order is that choices have consequences and that those consequences are not limited to the one making the choice. So when you point to 'nature' to prove your point, you point

Ponder this, no?
Just what is the mortality rate of Exodus International? Of course Hitler really did have homosexuals executed; the mortality rate for them in his death camps was well nigh 100%. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

I don't know what evidence he may or may not have. However, the evidence is that there were systematic executions of Christians in the Soviet Union and Communist China and that the execution of Christians in Communist China continues. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

The dictionary I have here is a bit more specific. At any rate, given either your first or second definitions, she has the 'necessary equipment' to commit the act. You really do like that phrase, don't you. Makes you sound all grown up, like any twelve-year-old. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Lesbianism and the bible
as Such as arrested twelve-year-old development. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Lesbianism and the bible
No, thank you. It's time for you to get your pubescent mind out from your crotch. Grow up. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

That is, of course, J.S.'s quote, not mine. Virtually any theist knows that God exists outside of time and is the author of time. I doubtless qualify as such a theist. J.S. tries to comprehend the supernatural in naturalistic terms. He probably doesn't believe 'superstrings' exist either. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Buzzing jelly
The same can be said of I.Q. which Binet defined as (M.A./C.A.) 100. There is a problem if C.A. 0.0 and since M.A. and C.A. can never be negative there will not be negative I.Q.s. But then, I'm not exactly sure what a 'negative Richter Scale earthquake' would be like. Given the subsequent definition of I.Q. as representing a standard score with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 (Wechlser) or 16 (Stanford-Binet) 0 and

Mormons are christian
Logical mistake? It would seem to me that one can find plentiful historical examples of such behaviors among pagans and atheists. For a few examples, pagan Roman Imperial government was known to engage in mass executions and the communist governments in Russia, Cambodia and China have done so as well. There is nothing peculiarly 'Christian' about such behaviors. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)