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Purple Unicorn Dingleberr
Le The Klingons that hang around Uranus?

an you Is there anything you DO think about?

Christian blow jobs, Staa
that I I would wrong, my Ah. You're not sure you would obey God. I see.

About Staal!
He is tempting YOU, moron. But then, you've already admitted you may not obey God.

wrong Christ o "Pilot"??????????????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Staal won't Drink it eith
you've how How could a perfect deity be tempted?

Staal also has great Igno
the Let alone read them....

Argh. You really are an insane shit. No, only to the intelligent. If Jesus is Lord, then who the fuck was he supposedly praying to? And you are an incorrigible asshole.

I have a question: If you got a divorce, would you and your ex-wife still be cousins?

Re: Jim Staal

show on Sunday
the Yep, that's exactly what they claimed. But then, God (oops I mean Charlton Heston) was the 'host'.... I vomited several times during the program.

Pantheacon Stuff 1/4
ROFLMAO. Loved it!

HI, Staal
This message was from JOHN BRAWLEY to DAN CEPPA, and was forwarded to you by KARL SCHNEIDER. Telling blow. Fast, short, and succinct. I've used that one many times. Funny, I can't remember ever getting an argument back.... What's your answer to this one, Ken? Not that I expect one...

God's Word
But they sure as hell DELETED a bunch of it... An allegation not supported by Edgar Goodspeed.

Thumb-sucking evolungelic
that You really ought to to a little studying.

WIT Blue Run away! This kitchen is WAY too hot for you.

a no if in Fine. I want you to quote Chapter and Verse outlining the arithmetic involved in this. How much down much equity is required...what interest is permitted, and who is the beneficiary of the insurance?

Re: children
No. You are lying.

Spontaneous Abortion Stat
"If of to Now all we need to do is make it one out of 10. We're already up to our asses in extra babies.

HolySmoke Pick Yer Poison
Karl Schneider antitheist fried fundys and barbequed watermelon