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Of course you do, being an ignorant, mysogynist salad-bar asshole.

English lessons
the All he knows is he thinks it's some sort of Jew book...

a I have a notarized document, signed by you that you owe me $100,000.00. I also have witnesses who saw you sign it. Pay up, welsher.

A tale of 2 cities...
You insipid moron, it is contradicting FACTS. I am beginning to think you are a troll. Nobody could possibly be as stupid as you appear to be.

You watch your mouf...
Maybe she's Wilbur when she's a she and she's Alice when she's a he...

on day he However in Gen 2:15-19 it says the animals were created afterward... perhaps you consider this a minor bungle...? death o So far, so good... dinosaur that th million Nobody 'created' man or dinosaurs. They are part of biological evol- ution. a messag You will get answers. You probably won't like them unless you're willing to learn and think for yourself.

Re: Church\State
the moral Fuck you, moron.

Lynda goes over...
Because they don't care to look up your ass?

God's Word...
See, he can't even spell 'idiot'...

Re: dinosaurs?
i hav like They are two entirely separate subjects. Evolution does not address the origins of life, it explains the mechanisms which produce changes. 'Creationism' is claimed by some to be a 'scientific' theory, however it contains none of the criteria necessary for one. Then again, there are those who laughably claim that 'Evolution is a religion'. I cannot explain this incredibly idiotic notion.

is To me, it looks like a fuckup. Oh. How conviEEEEEENient.... It says what it says. It isn't my fault it's wrong.

would else In which case it is even _more_ idiotic. Oh?? Then why did they go to the trouble of translating all the names of OTHER kinds of flying creatures? And why would it have to be a 'single' word? I would bet big odds there is a Hebrew word for 'bats' as well as every kind of bird found in the Middle East. It's an error. It plainly says what it says and it's wrong. TS.

One God not three
God Nope. I don't sin. Never have.

Our Daily Bread
If you can't write something original, go the fuck away.

up Ah. Lettuce and onions, but no tomatos...

1 god plus 1 god plus
ROFL! There's one for the FAQ, even with the smiley!!

a miracle in the making
Aw shit, another keyboard...

or me, don' Show up on MY street and you may get a real QUICK trip to 'heaven'...

One God not three
we stop Only if you divided by zero. and allowed Which he should know, since he's already one. ROFL

Chicken Crossing
BILL GATES: It's my chicken and my road. None of your business.