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I think it was Memphis...he called me a liar when I disputed his claim it was in Eastern TN... _ ACK! \'o.O' =(__)+ U

Maybe Fido bounced his curse back in his face! HOHOHOHO

You When Oh, shit, another brain-dead fundy. You don't remember it, so "it's not there"... You fucking idiot, read Isa 45:7 The only thing more disgusting than a fundy who doesn't know his own book of myths is one who won't take a minute to check it out. Whereas it's WAY too late for you...

sex They Heh heh, Mikey made a funny. I like it.

the the jell is Don't forget Richie is typing this as verbatim as his ability allows from an ICR tract, and he hasn't the foggiest idea what the science does, says or means... of stuff I Oops, I see you already noticed......

had amaze Keep in mind Steve is a recent druggie...flashbacks can occur for quite a while...

More about Texas AFA
got Some fundies recently opened up a donut/sandwich shop a couple blocks from my house, replete with a big cross on the front and a large sign "Hamburgers 99 cents" I stopped in thinking to grab a quick burger and was informed that the '99 cent' job is a 'kiddie burger' containing ONE OUNCE of meat, a small bun and nothing else. The 'real' burgers are $2.95.

Quality fundy time

Drink it, Ken
are to Drink i of all who h earth shall The object of your worship allegedly allowed himself to be crucified. Yet you fear to drink a little special cocktail. You have no faith, no integrity, and no intelligence. In other words, you are a moron.

The Bible and The Bible a
echo And why do you not abide by that instruction?

Lynda goes over...
Good thing you didn't say 'ciao', he'd ask if you were a wop...

Re: Jesus said "EAT ME!"
More like flit...

and Um...'Al' Capp, mayhaps? heh heh

Holiday Greetings...
Well, so far he's done the first of three...

Fundamentalists R Us
Then you shit in your own pew...

Fundamentalists r us

You know of course you're gonna make him crazy with this, don't you? On second thought, it's probably way too late...

Fun in Church...
Sure...the words of Saul/Paul, a certified prick.

Re: Staal shows his colon
love No, moron. Sheen was going to kill Brando.

Christian Miller's Christ
doing Fine. And you have some evidence for this statement, I trust? Where? I think you are lying. You may want to go around and retrieve the stones you have been casting... Who are you to be ordering god around?