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Female Circumcision,
You just aren't doing it right.

who to spell Maybe he's talking about Andy... Or de place where dey get de grapes...

Re: Abortion
the He claims to have departed but I'll bet he's lurking. Anyway, most dinosaurs were smaller than elephants............ ROFLing at the mental image....

Homosexual Christians
You mean they turn into fundies??

19th Cent Holysmoke 6-7
read is should Amen. (oops) <g>

BWAHAHAHA Is this some sort of arctic circle-jerk activity?

[2/2] importance
have an Er, I guess I don't see any real distinction, Gwenny....if no Rx is required, what's the difference?

Re: about my wherabouts
God He was caught in the woods with a naked boy. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was taking place...

Re: Churches
In other words, you don't think about things you don't think about... Yep, you're a fundy.

Re: hi
or II Kings, Moron.

Fundamentalists R Us
Look, you moronic cretin, you don't quote a fucking thing, so it is impossible to know what the hell you are babbling about.

Northern or Southern district??

Re: Thumb-sucking Fundy
Your basis The evidence seems to be pretty well incontrovertible that he's dead. Same for Jesus. Was that your point? Some people _think_ there are 'profound inter-relationships' you have any evidence that that's true?

What the ???
as this The duck was far tastier than the pie. But it was pretty good, too.

Re: Lest ye forget...
ROFLMAO Since you were busted, eh? Moron.

Re: Homosexual Christian
I You said it was going down. It didn't. You lied.

After you've read more epistles by Mr. Halfwitt, you'll know...

Re: Cooking
he's Ahem.

Mighty strange he NEVER does any of these weird things when there are camcorders around... cannot You'd do well to 'except' it. You really, truly and irrecovably are an idiot.

Jim Staal
Oh, SHIT!!!! You're in trouble now... from Hm. If I send you a couple gallons of water would you please turn it into Red Zinfandel for me?