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when Let alone absorbed them.

Mark 16:15-18. Shall I p
being through Oh? And who manages to "lead Him into temptation"?? You really are a moron.

That's where you messed should've chained yourself to Nixon... You were DWIC?? Oh, Zeus, where will this wanton crime wave stop?? You could be charged with Knowingly Receiving Stupid Property.

What would Miss Rand say?
They don't. The salesman from Toys R Us, where they bought them drops by every morning and boots them up...

White-lighter Religions
Are you nuts or just inconceivably dense??? Everyfuckingbody in the ECHO has been BEGGING for evidence for years!

the Did you check under "Cluster-fuck"?

Joshua 24 is talks about people from "the other side of the flood"...and how they worshipped OTHER gods...

Homosexual need freed
Uh huh. Right. About this unregistered software... You're a prick.

Thumb-sucking Fundy
just the Bibl And you don't even believe your bible, how could you hope to understand what God says? There is none. Which is undoubtedly why you are trying so hard.

Thanks for your Response!
God Ah. Threats, eh? Screw you and your bastard myth-gawd.

your Filled with NOODLES!

Redacted Stories
and He just hasn't learned the right way to pick up guys...

Python trivia
Oh, shit, Judith, it may have been me...I had a plate of froglegs yesterday. Sorry.

A Visit 4/4
outsid your Or on the 50 yard line at the Super Bowl...<g> view Hm. I wonder what Joseph thought when JC popped out...?...

Re: Hey
Which, if true, is far better than being an uneducated fool.

Thanks for Response!
parts ar Month but i He'z juzst a zilly boy...

Thumb-sucking Fundy
No shit? Where? found Ah. _Time_, the official journal of archaeo-paleontology... bad I was Wee can't wate.

Re: about my wherabouts
shown Why wouldn't he? Jesus was caught in the woods with a naked boy...

19th Cent Holysmoke 5-7
I don't heh heh...this is one I wasn't familiar with. and don't story ROFL! I love this. If you can manage to type the rest in, I'd love to read it. I'm sure Styx wouldn't mind. thanks!

Female Circumcision,
You just aren't doing it right.