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Sheppard Gordon, a view.
o o o `~~~--__ \___----~~' `~~-_ ______ _____ Shemp Shark a '~._(_||___)________/___ ,__. __,,,,) innocent victim__/\ ,---~~-_`~= \------o-' '._.' _/_/ Who is Sheppard Gordon? This will bring him into perspective... Return-path: <> To: "Jack P Sargeant" <> Date: Sat, 28 Jun 97 11:04:18 -0500 Subject: Re: Gripe stuff Message-ID: <> X-Status: Read X-Mailer: Claris Emailer

Jack Back to Old Self
You won't think it's so amusing before I'm through paying you back for years of your harassment. You are going to be too busy sending the moderator netmail protesting my truths to you, and about you--my pointing out your behavior for the world to see. You are going to start thinking twice before you antagonize me anymore, you worm! I'll bet my last post to "ALL," pointing out the flaws in your words that have led to your being terminated

Shemp Shark bytes
16 messages to me or about me in one small packet can only mean I'm starting to get to you. Wassamatter, blood sucker, can't you come up with something original? 16 messages, all saying the same ole crap. Sysops of the world take note of all this wasted space. You haven't seen anything yet, Shemp. Wait 'til I get warmed up. I'm gonna burn you a new hole. Like, how about all those moderator pleas of yours where you dished

Kevin, are you no longer running as a point off Marc's BBS?

Jack's Obsession
Do you think calling me a liar a dozen or so times in every post is supposed to bother me? I (and everyone else) just consider the source. Your complaints are meaningless. Have you received a reply to your crash netmail to the moderator begging him to make me stop? ...I didn't think so. You've cried wolf in netmail to moderators so many times, your pleas fall on deaf ears. David is not going to stop me from paying you

Why not ask your sysop to turn the UFO echo on for you and see first hand for yourself what goes on over there? If I am the "true believer" in question, then I'll speak out a little. I run my echo (UFO) from a slightly more skeptical approach then some here would have you believe. While my character is being attacked here and elsewhere by one in particular who was banned from UFO before I took over is due

So am I. ...And just wait til you see the comments to this note. <G> The negativity and sarcasm running amok in SKEPTIC is truely fascinating. Regards, Jack S.H.E.M.P.= (S)hemp (H)as (E)vident (M)ental (P)roblems da Jack Sargeant, Moderator -=UFO echo=-

Since this echo is not much for getting into great depths of science related subjects, I feel the discussion of Atlantis, the methods used to build the pyramids, and any other topic that has sufficient controversy is fair game. Some really lively debates have generated over the pyramids. Then it dies down awhile, only to re-surface a few months later. The same applies to Atlantis. Being intellectual is not a requirement to have fun with the topics. So, if you

And UFO buffs call Skeptics bad...
Religious topics are off-topic in UFO. One problem is, some skeptics lump all UFO enthusiasts into the "FTB" group. This is not so for the majority of people on UFO. Deal with us on an individual basis. Regards, Jack

UFO Conference Hypocricy
Um, Sheppard, it's spelled hypocrisy. I mean, what with you being a stickler for accuracy over in the FILM echo, and all, I thought you'd appreciate the correction.

Jack Sargeant Hypocricy
That's twice, so, nope, no typo. You just don't know how to spell the word hypocrisy. You call me hypocrite, yet you cannot spell the first listed, parent form of the word.

That's cute alright!

And UFO buffs call Skeptics bad...
Foaming True Believer. A slur meant to imply those who believe in UFOs are foaming at the mouth like a mad dog.

Jack Sargeant lied to you
A little girl came to my door the other day. She said, "Mister, is this your puppy?" I said no. It had no collar or tag as all dogs in this state are required to have. The puppy was cute, although obviously of mixed breed. ...VERY mixed breed. She said she wanted to keep it, but didn't know what to call it. I gave it a name for her. She carried her little puppy home. It didn't look so cute

Jack's back
be the whining The file, DAVID.ZIP contains those portions of the UFO echo rules that apply to your infractions. Here's a note of DISinterest... NOBODY has tried to freq the files from me. Could it be that NOBODY cares? You sure waste a lot of bandwith on little 'ole me! It's all sour grapes on your part, and everyone knows it! Those that moderate echoes themselves can readily see why your demeanor is unwelcome, just from your messages here. Don's

Not everyone is blessed (tainted?) with your degree of intelligence. Too bad you don't display any character. SHEP does Dallas... Film at 11.


Jack's pathological lies
...Nor do I intend to. Nobody cares! Something I WILL comment on however, is Fredric's saying I called him a homosexual. ...And what my wife REALLY said. ...But only if several people ask me to. Once again, who cares? None of it was in an open echo, but in a private E-mail (JUNO) message. I don't consider it as on topic, and it seems I've received about 2 warnings from the moderator about topical messages, taglines, etc. As for Sheppard's

Jack Sargeant lied to you
Ah so! David made you change your tagline since he moderated me for mine! <smug grin> I guess since calling someone a liar in this echo is not against the rules, the new tagline is acceptable. BTW, I have sent your sysop a message for the first time ever. ...For 5 years you have been following me around the echoes to drop off your insults. Your insults in certain areas are coming to a close. I can't control your

Jack's pathological lies
Perhaps you are de-sensitized by their caustic, sterile, unfriendly, and condescending demeanor. ...And you are correct, it is my call.