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Get Thee Out Of Babylon!
Those crossposts usually don't have his name in the 'FROM' line. From what I've seen, he's just rehashing the same stuff he took a BAD beating on in here. Except that here he never even got one person to agree with him. <G> Just to be safe.

Becoming ordained
Do like Quarrella did...make up your own church and have yourself ordained by the Universal Life Church. You can have any level of control you want (Steve is Pope). You can even be declared a saint, with a certificate even. (suitable for framing, certificate sold separately)

NO! This affects every last one of us in this echo. I've got no way to jack into the other echo to see what's going on and I don't think I'm the only one who would prefer not to be kept in the dark.

Physics, no math.
Couldn't hurt.

One of Styx's last appearances in here. The one he was not amused at being brought out of a sick bed to handle. The one that was the camel straw and landed you with the job.

What About This?
A picture's worth 1000 words. <G>

When I used the phrase "Harper's editor", it was pure sarcasm. Didn't work, huh?

internet gate into holysm
Email and ask to be added to the list.

Christians Unite!
That's one you study while drinking a Pangalactic Gargleblaster. You've never read the Hitchhiker books?

Abortion is Love!
While you're taking a piss.

Case #4
This was a special embalming procedure. The doctor who used it kept it a close secret and died in an accident before he could pass it on. The coffin is glass and the child looks like she's asleep...color in the cheeks and all. The coffin is not hermetically sealed...the child is redressed whenever the clothing starts to look tattered. But I didn't get the doctor's name. Would be interesting if he was any where in the vicinity of Bernie's convent

packet hog <G>
This is to let you know that you really screwed up. A 123 message packet...121 from you and 2 from Appleton. You really need to try harder. <G>

Blue Genes.
The worst of it is that we've already had an American equivalent to the Dr. Consider the Dr. and his sonic screwdriver...cure for all problems. Consider McGiver and his Swiss Army Knife...cure for all problems. They both dress funny, defy authority and seldom use violence to solve their dilemmas. Mac just didn't get the good looking sidekicks and the chance to travel in time.

Chemistry is not a matte
Yep. But for now it's just another pain in the ass for everybody.

love it
Couldn't be. Steve Winter would have called you (at a minimum) "False Christian Scum" or worse. And you most likely would have gotten a 3am telephone call.

Reggie White transcripts
Oh, good, I'm not the only one that didn't get it.

God nukes millions and mi
How does he get 'sterile' from 'homosexual'? How totally stupid.

child beater
I think I see why Staal is enamoured of White. The man may be black but he acts white when out in public. Staal has often said that things like that belong in the closet.

Reggie White transcripts
Got it this time.

Blue Genes.
I think you would have liked it. And I have to take back the "didn't get to travel in time" part. Because there WAS an episode where Mac traveled back to medieval Scotland. (And that was the episode that broke the Who connection because we then found out McGiver's first name was Angus.) Oh, he also had a recurring nemesis who called himself 'the Master'. <G>