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Yeah, but mine's more fun.

Chemistry is not a matte
New Florida driver's licenses are including a magnetic strip with ID info on it. You can change the dob on the printed part, but not in the strip. Vendors of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are required to swipe the dl before completing the sale.

Need to find his myriad messages in here trying to tell us that his modem wouldn't download.

Make that what they WANT their deities to say and you are much closer to a truth.

In And Out
Pass the ketchup. <G>

Xtian Killers
It's Deutsch and not even close...pronounced more like doytch. Duits (the Dutch word for 'german') is pronounced by putting your tongue against your bottom teeth, forming your mouth like you are going to say 'eeee' and then saying ou instead. That one doesn't work either.

Chemistry is not a matte
Special swiper.

Case #4
Good one here in Charleston. The CC/Family Alliance has a bill before county council to outlaw tips being given to topless fact, the audience is not going to be allowed closer than 6 ft. to the dancers. Looks like it's going to pass.

Heathen Randi rant

Xtian Killers
Just part of educating him. <G> Aren't I sweet?

Both. I think Presley got it from Jelly.

Case #3
You shouldn't have said that. I will now start forwarding all the nutball mail I find in my inbox.

God nukes millions and mi
You must have missed his 'well, it wouldn't be AS unnatural if the woman [note that it -must- be the woman] can't have kids. But to stop them? That's not natural and would be a sin in god's eyes'. (My punctuation might be better than his was, but the words are close and the sentiment is exact.)

Loving God
Proof is for mathematics and liquor. God Dan was here first. We don't buy into any young upstart gods here.

What About This?

Right...Harper's editor had a BAD habit of changing 'fuck' to 'f**k' and 'shit' to and he wasn't told more than 15 times per packet that this was against the rules. And I don't remember him ever getting the boot. I remember there were lots and lots (and lots and lots) of questions he wouldn't answer...and he was getting CLOSE to getting booted for quote 'fixing' but it didn't become necessary. Why do these fucks have to lie like this?

Blue Genes.
Hell, I didn't think it was -that- good.

Christian v. Atheist
He ain't a Quaker...maybe that's why. Probably first thing that popped into his head that he thought would throw everybody here. Most Quakers would have, at the very least, challenged me for using the queries to support a point. It would have been pointed out that I was using them the same way other sects use dogma. THEN, they would have proceded to answer the question. Hal has done neither. Mainly, I think, because he hasn't a clue what I'm

Case #4
Not to pick nits, but shouldn't that be "large MALE sibling is overseeing this operation"?

God nukes millions and mi
Whatever eggs and sperm are just itching to get together and make your life miserable for the next 18 years.