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YOO HOO Jehova!
Hate to tell you this but there WAS a third. Magda

No sense wasting the nice lady's time. I KNOW I don't have the qualifications or the knowledge.

Somebody tell this stupid fuck that April Fool's day is over now.

Nazi Neighbours
We are recovered. The perp has been traced to an address on (No, it ain't Prewett...he's on Took some digging through the raw logs but we found the IP and were able to trace it. Now, if would just co-operate and give us the name. They say they have suspended the creep but they won't tell us who...and they want his/her 'side of the story'. Ain't no other side. The logs tell it all.

Child abuse
You really haven't watched tv in a long time, have you? Taz is now a daily 1/2 hour show.

Two tads more than a sqoosh, a smidgeon more than bunches, and just short of a gazillion.

Loving God
Send a message addressed to God Dan in this echo. You'll get more of answer from him than you will the god of the bible.

Physics, no math.
Yep, I had never had one. Things getting screwed up, yes, but never a "I ain't gonna work no matter what you do to me, so there" full-scale crash of my primary drive (I lost the secondary a few months ago but didn't lose anything terribly important). I guess I was due. Yes, I saw that you got it. I'm glad.

Orses for courses....
Or Your dad cares. Be glad. As for tattoos, I used to travel with a carnival and lived for a while with a tattoo artist. There's a butterfly on one of my ankles, a yin/yang symbol on the other; a flower on one arm, a bird on the other. I've also seen a lot of the things that can go wrong. Also, I remember that there were things I dearly wanted when I was 15 that were totally stupid when

Hard Drive, Sacrifice to
Ok, here's a tagline for you

Wilks supports Child abus
the Excuse me????? He's talking to another male and saying 'the child YOU bear for nine months'? Asshole hasn't got the first clue as to what it's like to be pregnant and he's spouting off about it? Typical damn fundy asshole ignorance.

Heathen Randi rant
For something that serious, don't you think Styx would come roaring in to tell them to fuck off? Fred Leff, too, for that matter.

Oooh...Those Wacky Gerbi
Ken's been here. From what I've seen, most of what he's spouting there he's already tried in here...and gotten hammered for. Badly. With much more foul language than he's getting there. <G>

politics and respect for
How about;

But they wouldn't mess with your Playboys and Hustlers (safely condomed and stowed in the middle) would they?

Heathen Randi rant
Fred used to drop into #holysmoke when it was active. True. In a case as serious as this could get, though, I can't see Styx not putting in his .25 worth.

Case #4
Actually it wasn't in PRE Qatar days. You said it to me when I asked how your wife and daughters were adjusting to the view of women in a Moslem area...if they weren't being made to conform to some of the dress codes for women.

Xtian Killers
He's right. They aren't trailers any more. They're 'manufactured housing'.

Get Thee Out Of Babylon!
Not just me...Katherine, Lynda and the other Sue, also. But I'm the one who had the asshole husband who actually SAID "you're bought and paid for now" about 5 minutes after the justice of the peace finished. As for the bozo talking to me...he's been such an incredible ass for the past few months that I don't even read his stuff any more. He ain't in the twit filter with KY but I do just delete anything he writes without

I told his daughter I'd hit him if he tries to stop her from getting a tattoo once she's 18. <G>