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Loving God
This one came close. Real close. I have to say that the shareware producers of programs I have registered have been super nice about replacing my registration info (which, like a real dummy, I hadn't backed up), even those programs that I registered almost 3 years ago. I was surprised, to say the least.

God nukes millions and mi
I didn't????? Sure does look like it to me. <G>

Loving God
Or have a really good tech person on tap. <G>

More Internet stuff.
Doesn't cost any extra to get a foreign extension for a domain name instead of .com, .net or .org. That will be changing later this year (the fact that you can get it at all) but for now, I could have added .it or .uk or .nl or probably whatever the code for outer mongolia is to 3harpiesltd. So that .uk don't mean shit.

Nazi Neighbours
It was more than one episode...carried over into 3. After Wilks' stupidity here, I had to check out his source. <G> (Even if he is stomping his foot and insisting that it isn't)

Uh...Mike went to a Pentium system while he was still here. <G> Haven't heard from him in a while but he did move (major) and change jobs and that can keep you busy for a while.

Loving God
Hell, there weren't even any flying windows or startup music. I deleted. <G>

Loving God
I've got a major upgrade in the works. A writeable CD will be one of the new components. For now, I've saved them all to zip files, printed them out and handwritten them into a notebook. That should hold me for a while. <G> (Talk about locking the barn door after the horse died.)

Loving God
Doesn't seem to have been. Oh well, my whole life has been a magnet for weird shit that never seems to happen to anyone else...why should my computer experience be any different?

Garland, TX loonies
That's a good question. When I do watch tv anymore, it certainly isn't any of the network offerings. Can't remember if it's A&E or Lifetime (ch. 29 here) is doing a series of the classics right now that are WONDERFUL. Discovery channel has some good stuff. Some terrible crap too, as they have a lot of new age 'spiritual' type programs. For mindless schlock, you can't beat Comedy Central for old reruns of Saturday Night Live, some of the Brit

He's not. He's the American version of Dutch Reformed.

1st January 1998
Your chair is adapted with a time machine?

Second coming
Men were created because dogs won't take out the trash.

Thank you, thank you. I was reading your blurb on the want ads. Makes me wish I had some of them there qualifications. Would be nice to get paid for sitting in front of this here ma-chine. Two hours reading holysmoke, 15 minutes of work...I could hack it. Oh well, back to the salt mines. I ain't that good.

What's so tough about that? If you can use he or she in place of it, you use who. If you could use him or her then whom is correct.

Nazi Neighbours
I've got the first couple of those books around here somewhere. They just weren't as good as I expected them to be so I never looked for any of the rest. But yes, I imagine what happened was that some idiot took those passages and decided to have some fun with then and now you have idiots like Wilks taking them for gospel and trying to convince people he actually saw this in action..."no, it ISN'T an urban legend, I

Loving God
Yep. Well, I can't really say that. I haven't tested the printer yet and haven't even thought of checking out the digital camera. So I can't say for sure that everything is working. A lightning strike would have been a good explanation...if the last lightning we had around here hadn't been in the middle of Feb. <G>

Where the hell was your English teacher when you needed that? <G> I got it from mine. Now, if you want to talk about cornfusting....thee and thou, thy and thine. I still don't understand them well enough to explain them. But even the KJV is WRONG in some places with their usage. (The people who actually translated it were in the classes who used 'you' to just about everyone they knew.)

Xtian Killers
For one who goes on and on about his 'dutch' heritage, Jim is remarkably ignorant. Scratch that. Why should this subject be any different than all the others. In Dutch, douche (same as the French spelling) means shower. (Bad is bath and was is wash.) Duits is German and Nederlander/Nederlandse refers to things Dutch. The word 'dutch' itself only exists from English bastardization of both the Nederlanse and Deutsch (German) words for GERMAN.

One Pissed Off Harpy
Sometime this morning between 5:30 and 6:30 am, someone hacked the 3 Harpies Ltd. domain and caused our client pages to default to a password dialog box with such lovely sentiments as "BOMB TIME, BITCH". Neither this domain nor any of its sites have ANYTHING to do with Holysmoke. The main page was left alone but all the client sites have been hit. BUSINESS sites of people who have absolutely nothing to do who the Harpies are when they are