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In this venue, yes. I didn't see ANY of this when it came through the list.

they're everywhere!
Yeah, it was.

Loving Dog
Must have been a French poodle. <G>

Loving God
Not with his wife watching. <G> (Sorry Don, can't help picking on you. It's just your week, I guess)

Dr Quack
It's Carneal, he's Lutheran and he's the kid that shot up the prayer group in his school. The one that was being allowed by the administration to meet in the LOBBY and harass everyone coming in. No excuse for the shooting, but sure as hell a violation of church and state separation.

A Singhelular experience, eh? As the Dutch would say..."lekker". <G>

Willie's ignorant in a lot of fields. I should have taped Westminster to send him. Do they televise the Crufts show in Europe? Come to think about it though, what he describes sounds a lot like a Schutzhund III and a lot of your herding group do well in Schutz. (I have Bouviers)

Sounds more like a threat to me.

Atheistic Knowledge
Bullshit, Willy. A man with SJ behind his name and Fr. in front of it is NOT a non-catholic layperson. But we know you'd much rather lie and try to make sure people DON'T see to it that your religious pedophiles endure the same consequences as anyone else. And THAT'S what I was talking about, asshole. The fact that the psychologists at the so-called treatment center for pedophile priests were all Jesuits.

I think I'll put in a call to the entomology department at the College of Charleston and see just what I can find for you to send to him.

Blue Genes.
He also hasn't been around here long enough to see the choruses of "What do you mean... us? You got a turd in your pocket?" But we have a few new personalities (all coming from the same terminal, I think) that are as bland and boring as pureed turnips. Oh, and watch for April Fool's Day...that's the day we finally get to know who William Putnam REALLY is.

Presumptiousness of Athei
No, that works when the veins have been seriously overused. I speak from the point of a 20 year plasma donor to the rhogam program. A regular tourniquet just doesn't cut it when blood needs to be drawn. Yeah...and really friable tissue.

Blue Genes.
One tried. The son of a man with Alzheimers. Two, possibly 3 years ago. The man's wife and his other children gave depositions to the effect that this is what was wanted, these were the medical conditions etc. It died aborning.

Not to mention that the bible specifically prohibits belief just to cover your ass. Matthew 16:25, Mark 8:35, Luke 9:24 and Luke 17:33. I would think that when something is said 4 times in 3 different gospels, but in almost exactly the SAME words, that it's something that was considered rather important.

Blue Genes.
If the chimps had caught the kid unprotected he would have been killed. And probably eaten. Native Africans had told Goodall about chimps taking human infants and toddlers, she didn't believe them until she actually saw a male chimp kill and eat an infant of his own troop. Of course, until Goodall and Fosse did their research, people thought chimps and gorillas were strictly vegetarian.

Come 4/1, I'll bet we find out this is another generic Capt'n Fuck. Too much fixation on that date for anything else. He thinks people don't like him now? Wait till he unveils himself. He'll end up as one of those slash and burn farmers in the rainforest just to try to hide.

But it was JAMES' message that was showing a Zone 1 node number.

An Unchanging God
We had one in here who told one of the female participants that she wouldn't be the 'delightful person' she is today if she hadn't been repeatedly raped by her step-father as a child.

Case #3
Sure he would. Remember, they wouldn't be other people...just gooks.

Blue Genes.
Because when everybody is ready to hang him from the highest tree, disembowel him and then do some really nasty stuff to him, he'll come back with "but I fooled you enough that you were arguing with a person who doesn't exist".