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Loving God
That's ok, I said, crawling around on the floor and trying to stand up is not in my repertoire. <G>

The very early Quakers qualify. <G>

I'm here :)
Yeah, I knew it was something goofy.

An Unchanging God
You forgot "I have even had some Catholics tell me themselves that they are not Christian." Ken Young LIE, not sin.

to I think the point trying to be made was that 'Sheridan' claimed to be posting from England when he first arrived here and was quite abusive when confronted with American/Canadian standards of doing things. He's just getting what Holysmoke is known best for...his lies shoved back in his face.

I'd look it up, but I'm lazy and I don't have the concordances others do. But you can try; Matthew 16:25 Mark 8:35 Luke 9:24 and Luke 17:33

Judith, RE: Blue Genes
I was talking about his pissing and moaning about Marty being able to make a living by doing oil research in Russia. And the time he gave Mike Hardy hell for not finding him a gig in one of the churches in AL. And his constant panhandling for money in the echo...while acting like it's beneath him to hold a regular job like anyone else. Jim is very dog-in-the-mangerish. He wants everything but he doesn't want to work for it.

'Tofu' is a 4-Letter Word
No, Katherine, I haven't. I used to work in a continental restaurant as their dessert cook and salad preparer. Although it had nothing whatever to do with desserts or salads, one of my jobs was to prepare the escargot. Stuffing the snail bodies up into the shells and padding it all with the garlic butter. I've had too many of the nasty things bust whilst trying to stuff them. If I tried to eat one, all I would be able

It isn't the concept (unless you're using a condom) or the act he finds distasteful...just the word.

Blue Genes.
You put words in his mouth. AGAIN. When are you going to stop doing that? He said that the evidence of your experience with your friend was REAL evidence, not 'physical'. What is scientific evidence but a chain of events over time that give confidence of being repeatable? Wouldn't you say that describes the reasons you trust your friend? And he also said that REAL things leave REAL evidence. On that, he is absolutely right. But "real" does not necessarily

Blue Genes.
Why did you cut out the part of my post that defined what I consider REAL evidence and then ask this question?

Hal, this is what I have been trying to tell you. You are romanticizing the Society of Friends to the point where it is unrecognizable. Nope, no credos...but we DO have the queries, don't we? And a committee for 'oversight' (which could easily be termed 'thought police' by others). While Quaker dogma is much more humane than most other christian pronouncements, it is still dogma. How many times are you going to have to hear it before you believe that

I also notice that you again truncated his message and didn't quote the next paragraph where he explained what he meant. You're quickly moving yourself into the box marked 'blatant liars' currently occupied by Appleton and Putnam.

Loving God
He was also very insistent on hugging me. <G>

Blue Genes.
he And at close to equal lengths. However, Hal has the annoying habit of totally disregarding and not quoting anything that happens to conflict with his pet theories, and likes to add qualifiers to people's words. Of course, I don't read Eyer at all, so I don't know if he does the same or not.

Blue Genes.
Yep, and convinced her the natives weren't lying when they told her not to bring her own son around the troop without heavy protection. The kid spent his time in Gombe in a double walled cage.

Presumptiousness of Athei
For people with problems with an arm draw, get rid of the standard tourniquet. Use a pressure cuff set at about 60.

You wouldn't get lynched. We'd just stand back and watch you try to deal tech support to HUNDREDS like Staal and Putnam and KY. <G> And laugh like hell. Aren't you glad you shave your head?

Loving God
I usually put the taller molds to the back of the dumping table, the shorter ones to the front. I have more than once (per day during good business) ended up reaching to check a taller mold and dipping both tits into the clay of the molds in front. Of course, that would usually be the time the people from the church group would show up to pick up their greenware.

Michael Townsend
I'd say you flunked. Big time.