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Judith, RE: Blue Genes
Oh, according to him Jesus is NOT a 'prince of peace' and the bible is NOT a 'book of love'. Go figure. Never mind...we know what the problem is. There's a BIG difference between 'wow, I wish I had the talent for that' and 'you're a traitor to your country cuz you work out of heathen commie lands'. (Last is a bit of a paraphrase, but very close to Staal's attitude toward Leipzig when Marty was working in Russia.)

Orses for courses....
Yep, it's illegal in all states if you're under 18. And anyone who would tattoo her illegally probably wouldn't take care to make up new needles to protect her from Hepatitis and/or HIV. Also, tell her from somebody who knows from experience, that if what she wants is to be placed over a bone (ankle, wrist, etc) it will hurt 3 times worse than one done in a fleshy part of the anatomy (upper arm, thigh, ass cheek).

No, Willy, by following the question about Hammurabi with 'remember the story of Cain and Abel', you were trying to make it look like Hammurabi stole it from the Hebrew book of fairy tales. You aren't the first one to do so. Back pedaling now only shows you for the liar you are.

Presumptions of the e
Unless you have a dog that you call 'Dotty'. The recommended command for elimination on demand is 'potty'. We don't use this one. Carrying plastic bags with us on walks and in public place is de rigeur. <G>

Loving God
I'm glad it's not. I hate crawling around on the floor trying to stand up.

Presumptions of the educa
You could end up not having to take a bunch of English courses that are designed today to try to make up the deficiencies in most younger students' education.

No, I didn't know that. Well, now we know where Cartland gets her plots.

Chemistry is not a m
You have GOT to be a troll.

Loving God
Why would you do that when the Romans were inveterate record keepers? Hell, there are shopping lists and laundry lists that have been found, not to mention records of everything the government was doing and thinking. Besides, this story had been done before...and better. Does Moses ring a bell? And the bible is a 'historical' record only in the same way "Gone With the Wind" is a historical record.

Atheistic Knowledge
And when does that happen? All psychologists investigating so-called supernatural phenomena for the church turn out to be Jesuits.

Atheistic Knowledge
I don't give a shit if you 'tire' of my messages, Willy. I write to keep your bullshit where it belongs...firmly in the realm of fantasy. Go find another bridge to set up housekeeping.

Abuse Kids for Christ 1/
Richard Smith posted the numbers to you, and the study. Trying to weasel out of it this soon? The numbers showed that, of all the clergy specifically caught with KIDS in sexual situations, catholic priests comprised 51%. When you consider that priests have been shown to have at least 25 victims before they get caught, the number that are still unmasked probably bring that percentage up to about 65%. Keep lying for your church, Willy. That's a hell of a

A tree farm is not a for
Foresters don't deal with the actual cutting (unless you lied about your brother, which wouldn't surprise me a bit) they only come in AFTER the damage is done...which your brother would tell you if he really is a 'forester'. The clear cutting is done by the lumber/paper companies. Oh, your 'checkerboard' cutting crap you posted a while back? Pure bullshit. Bureau of Land Management says they don't know where you're getting that but THEY don't do any cutting at all,

special rights case
It is packed in glass. It can't be packed in plastic.

IGR's have been around for a while. We used to use one called Torus to reduce flea population. We can't get it anymore. Seems the combo of the hormone and the carrier form a rather nasty carcinogen. (And may have been the trigger in the 2 dogs I've had that had cancer.) IGR's DO work, and work well, but the true side effects from them are just now showing up. We DO use BioFleaHalt which is a nematode that feasts

Where in SC, though? If in the Low Country, he wouldn't be able to dig 3 ft. without hitting water, so that's out. The Pee Dee and upstate are in the mountains and have temps considerably cooler than we do here in Charleston, not to mention a very BIG reduction in humidity.

Get Thee Out Of Babylon!
Jim will tell you that it shouldn't have been changed. He really, REALLY dislikes independent women.

I'm here :)
He's not...Bishop Ussher was. In fact, I think the good bishop even said it was a Tuesday...along about 4pm.

Dr Quack
He was the governor of the state of Alabama who sent in the militia and state police to keep court ordered desegregation from happening. Later he was shot and paralyzed. He claims to have changed his tune on being a bigot. I, for one, still don't believe him.

Radiometric dating
Somehow he's got it in his head...and is going to diseminate it far and wide...that somehow this is dishonestly done. That if scientists didn't "somehow" keep down their errors (by burying them) that they'd be shown as liars. But then Willy would like and trust them, wouldn't he? As long as they don't say shit or fuck.