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Nah, my sysop doesn't make sysop areas available to just plain users. And even if I could read it...I'd have a REALLY hard time not telling some of these [people?] what I think.

Blast from the Past
No, message from the deep archives that Harper doesn't think anybody keeps. It's from when he was posting here.

Xtian Killers
Build a fire under the anthracite and it'll sing like Jimbo...especially if it's cracked.

In And Out
Make sure you don't get the novelization of the movie. The original was published as a serial in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. (As was the original 'Enemy Mine') What I see people saying about the movie bears no resemblance whatsoever to my memory of the story.

Chemistry is not a matte
Ah gee...I forgot to tell him that I have my dogs microchipped. <G>

Blue Genes.
No need to...American tv networks have this thing called cancellation.

God nukes millions and mi
If what you say is true, why do 99% of homosexuals have HETEROSEXUAL parents? Homosexuality does NOT equal sterility, btw.

Dr Quack
First there was Kochack, the Night Stalker. Now there's Staal, the Night Crawler. Try to worm your way out of this one.

Chemistry is not a matte
They're Bouviers. What do you think? <G>

Loving God
With no water in the pool. Before it's inflated even.


Chemistry is not a matte
That's what I have in my dogs. Mainly because they have a system of 'legs' and stay where they are implanted. The larger chips would be nice, of course, but what that person didn't tell you is that they have been implicated in some very serious side effects...including paralysis. Mostly from the size of the needle used to administer them and (especially military) techs not really knowing what the fuck they're doing. One thing you need to tell anyone who

And it's all basement.

When I was working at the Florence Crittendon home, we had a JW girl there to have her baby. Real sticky situation. She was expected to give the baby up for adoption, then endure a YEAR of 'shunning' before she would be acceptable to the congregation. (This also meant 3 times a week public confession of her sin) She didn't want to give up her baby. It came down to a choice between that and family. Hell of a thing

Case #4
Maybe they think it would 'take care' of what they see as a -problem- but don't have any legal grounds to do so themselves.

I know they were looking for a new home, but 'the Ark' (Olave House, Girl Guide/Scout international center) was in the middle of the red light district. <G>

Case #4
My dogs just LOVE pigs' ears. [crunch, crunch, swallow]

Dr Quack
30 guilders wouldn't get you a sniff of a bicycle seat. Right now, that's about $17.

The jury should be out on that one. That is a direct quote from John Mann...exactly as HE spelled it.

Chemistry is not a matte
We found this out when a woman on the Bouvier list moved to Norway with her dogs. In order to bring her dogs in without a long quarantine, she had to stay with them in Denmark for 6 weeks and they HAD to be chipped. Unfortunately the security precautions demagnetized the chips and she ended up having to start all over again with the dogs being chipped in Denmark. When others heard this, they had their chipped dogs who had