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Case #4
It doesn't take much to be an intellectual supergiant compared to the construct that is Putnam.

Ken Young...the expert on EVERYTHING. Especially those things he admits he's never experienced. (Like sex) He must be running out of other things that he's an expert on.

How does this mesh with the rule of celibacy? Are married priests expected to follow this? If they do, what happens to the 'be fruitful' part of the marriage sacrament? Methinks the catholic church is screwing itself. No matter which way it goes on this it presents a hypocritical face.

God nukes millions and mi
I'm sure someone has your first posts archived. Jerry's too. Still haven't twigged to the fact that we don't do 'proof' around here, have you? The evidence is there in your own words. It just might take some digging to find it.

Blue Genes.
Let's see, he's gone from evidence of god to evidence of rape (although what one has to do with the other, I really can't see because there is no evidence for a god but there will be evidence for an act that can be termed rape) to telling Leipzig that he doesn't really 'do' geology to questioning your name. What he has never answered is: Why does he keep putting words in people's mouths? Why does he keep cutting out

The Inquisition
As far as I can see, he needs to get a handle on English first. But yes, Willy is truly the stereotype of the 'ugly american'...disgusted with people who 'will not' (to him) speak 'properly', disparaging of any culture not his own. He shares that with Jim Staal.

They were born. I guess you haven't been around here long enough to hear Staal's full line on that. Aborted/miscarried babies go to hell if their parents were not saved. A child that dies before it can 'accept salvation' for itself goes to hell if the parents are not saved. He's even sicker than you would have imagined.

Presumptiousness of the e
I'm pretty sure that was Jan DeBoer that made that call.

my Cummins used to post in here. Ask Fred if he has the archives. That would give you some ammo. Oh yes, Cummins is a creationist on the scale of Appleton. Anything by Leipzig should give him a good case of the runs.

False church 1/6
<Putnam whine>Well, gee, haven't you ever heard of ADOPTION? </Putnam whine>

Dr. Pepper.

Case #3
Excuse me? Hasn't Bimbo Jimbo told us in earlier times that he never served in the military? That he was 'too busy raising a family'?

Blue Genes.
He stopped posting to me when I asked him to post some of his thoughts in light of the Quaker queries, using them as a jump off point. Even public libraries have copies of Faith and Practice...which has the queries in the back. <G> (Maybe I shouldn't have said that where he can see it?)

Blue Genes.
I saw it. And had visions of you flying Harpy Air with a stopover in Canada. <G> I also almost choked on my cough drop. Not the way he's going.

Barry Manilow
The next week they had lots of mail to read about it. In Staal's case, wouldn't Prep H be more appropriate?

Xtian Killers
Just his jealousy rearing its ugly head again. Let's face it, an awful lot of the arab countries have WELFARE incomes that make anything Jimbo's capable of earning look like no salary at all. Since it isn't him that's getting it, he's got to try to put them that are "in their place". He really doesn't like to think of people using a Rolls to head out and visit the camel farm.

It's much the same as neutering an animal before or after secondary sexual characteristics make their appearance. A male cat who has started spraying will seldom be stopped by castration. A female dog (I've never seen it in cats) who is not spayed until after her first heat will often still have false pregnancies, whether she's ever been bred or not. I can't think it would work any differently in humans. I wonder if it could be that primary hormones

Did you ever see the Star Trek:TNG episode where Worf is given prune juice? I still giggle wondering how he ever delivered the line "Prune juice, a warrior's drink" with a straight face.

Physics, no math.
Got it for you and then lost it in the crash. I do remember that it is a McGraw Hill Textbook. I'll go looking again (if you don't find it in the meantime...check a university bookstore) when I get closer to finding out and replacing everything I lost. Or as close to it as possible. Sixteen full zip disks, a second physical hard drive and I STILL lost important stuff.

Abortion is Love!
Why? It is the absolute truth. Somebody tried to call pregnancy a symbiotic relationship, but what does the fetus give to the host? An entity that owes its very existence to another IS a parasite. Women can look that square in the eye and not have it change their feelings for their children. Why is it so hard for you to accept?