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Death Penalty revisited
I see all kinds of names in this post...Gerard is not one of them. Still confused, Maggie? Doie alemal. Tot ziens

Eyer thinks a plant is a
But it HAS to be a -he-. It's a work of philosophy that got published and everybody knows that women 1) can't be philosophers and 2) can't get published in that field (not without sleeping with somebody, of course.) Just like you can't possibly be an atheist because you 'believe' there are no gods. Wonder how many other bigotries he's gonna show before he slinks away.

Presumptiousness of Athei
There is NO CRI. There IS a CRS...Creation Research Society. Headed by (the envelope please) a bunch of the same people who are the ICR. Including Duane Gish. They're based out of a PO Box in St. Jo, MO. But the web sites for both are clones. There's no way the same person didn't do them. And CRS points everybody back to ICR. Damn! Forgot to grab the URL's. Will do that my next trip.

JJ Relay
While Alec is out of commission, it seems that no posts from the list are making it to the echo and none of the echo is making it to the list. I guess I'm lucky because right now I'm seeing both. So I'm zipping up the day's worth of echo mail and sending it out to JJ and Edweird and will attempt to relay their mail here. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE SUBJECT LINE. If it says RELAY and then

lSubject: Re: Case #5 Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 15:26:40 GMT From: (J.J. Hitt) Reply-To: (Multiple recipients of Holysmoke mailing list) Organization: Self To: (Multiple recipients of Holysmoke mailing list) X-Ftn-To: Judith Bandsma <> ROTFL! But I have seen it often enough. Naturist (nudist) publications will frequently laud their utopian idealism with phrases like "we're all equal when we're naked". And yet when you turn to the listings for clubs and get-togethers the phrase one sees most

creationists list 1
The following is the list of creationist organizations in the US. Contrary to what the idiot slotter would have us believe, there is no longer ANY organization titled Creation Research Institute. Please also take note of the number of these organizations who supposedly have "THE TRUTH" but won't give you an address other than a PO box and no phone number. Worldwide Directory of Creationist Organizations [updated 9/1/97] This list is provided as a service to creationists around the

creationist listings 2
The Origins Research Society Address: 7756 East Mariposa Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Silicon Valley Bible Science Assoc. Address: 13445 Harper Dr. Saratoga, CA 95070 Creation Research of North Coast Address: 2450 Alliance Rd. Arcata, CA 95521 Institute for Creation Research Contact: Dr. John D. Morris Address: P.O. Box 2667 El Cajon, CA 92021 Phone: 619-448-0900 Web Site: Master Plan Productions Contact: Mr. David F. Coppedge Address: 19635 Green Mountain Dr. Newhall, CA 91321-2147 Phone: 805-298-3685

creationist listing 3
Creation Science Assoc. of Central Illinois Address: 17 E. University Ave., #216 Champaign, IL 61820 Phone: 217-359-6829 Email: Creation Concepts Address: 8709 South Fairfield Evergreen Park, IL 60642 Bible Science Assoc. Mid-Kansas Address: 1429 Holyoke Wichita, KS 67208 Answers in Genesis/Creation Science Ministries Address: P.O. Box 6330 Florence, KY 41022-6330 Phone: 606-647-2900 Fax: 606-371-4448 Web Site: http://www/ Origins Research and Information Service Address: 137 Oak Crest Dr. Lafayette, LA 70503 Citizens for Better Science

creationist listings 4
Vegas Valley Creation Research Fellowship Address: 5908 Carmel Way Las Vegas, NV 89108 Catholic Creation Ministries Address: P.O. Box 997 Jordan, NY 13080 Rochester Creation Science Assoc. Address: 61 Thistledown Drive Rochester, NY 14617 Association for Biblical Astronomy Address: 4527 Wetzel Ave. Cleveland, OH 44109 Creation Research Science Education Fdn., Inc. Address: P.O. Box 292 Columbus, OH 43216 The Scientific Educational Foundation Address: 734 Greenwood Toledo, OH 43605 Northcoast Bible-Science Assoc. Address: 581 East

creation internatio [2/2]
Creation Science Movement Address: 50 Brecon Ave Cosham Portsmouth Hanta UNITED KINGDOM PO6 2AW Creation Science Foundation Address: P.O. Box 1427 Sevenhampton Swindon, Wilts. UNITED KINGDOM SN6 7UF Phone: (01793) 512 268 Torbay Christian Creation Topics Address: Lower Park 9, Courtland Rd. Torquay Devon UNITED KINGDOM TQ2 6JV Venezuelan Creationist Society Contact: Mr. Javier I. Escobar F. Address: P.O. Box 47.797 Caracus 1064-A VENEZUELA Phone: 02-431 33 14 Fax: Email:

creation internatio [1/2]
OTHER COUNTRIES Creation-Science Foundation Limited Address: P.O. Box 302 Sunnybank Queensland 4109 AUSTRALIA Creation Science Foundation Address: P.O. Box 6302 Acacia Ridge DC Queensland 4110 AUSTRALIA Phone: (07) 273 7650 Creation Research Center Address: P.O. Box 260 Capalaba Queensland 4157 AUSTRALIA Creation-Science Movement Address: "Bethuel" 13 Beddows St. Burwood Vic. 3125 AUSTRALIA Creatioisten Belgie Address: Meenselstraat 10 B 3461 Molenbeek Weersbeek BELGIUM El Otro Lado de la Ciencia Address: Casilla 9864 La

Subject: Re: Limey Takeover Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 15:23:17 GMT From: (J.J. Hitt) Reply-To: (Multiple recipients of Holysmoke mailing list) Organization: Self To: (Multiple recipients of Holysmoke mailing list) X-Ftn-To: J. Shaughnessy Tell me what it is like having a baboon's brain.... J.J. Hitt (Houston, TX) EOF

No, they didn't, Willy. Not unless you were converting. Hell, the Quaker schools not only included all religions, they even included girls and children of color. NO other schools did that. Hell, I was a teenager before any of the Catholic universities admitted women. BTW...I ain't Marilyn.

I think I'm going to rework your GOO. Place the picture on a bed of zeros.

IRC Hardly!
Demons are a lot like AIDS. Takes more than casual contact to catch one. <G>

Blue Genes.
Why do you think that other people's lives are yours to control?

they're everywhere!
This will sound really cold but...none. We had one poster in here once who declared that no one had the right to suicide because of what it would do to the family. That's crap. Nobody owns the life but the person who lives it. Most people would probably try to spare their families by making it look like an accident, but the family has absolutely NO right to require a person to go on living.

Case #3
Would you like some help with the graphics? <G>

Fabio was originally the model for the paintings that ended up as Harlequin Romance covers. (And those covers gave him a lot more than he really has) The publishing house got a lot of letters complimenting the covers and wishing there really was a man who looked like that. Fabio's agent got wind of this and the rest is barfable.

Blue Genes.
Yeah, I forgot about that. It was one of the things that surprised Goodall the most.