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Athei@s-tic Knowledge
ROTFL OTFL OTFL OTLF...... Now to clean the cottage cheese off of everything in a one meter radius....

And where does one find these primitive naked people who observe the Sabbath?

He will never know... Because no one will reply... Amazing... I've heard of one hand not knowing what the other is doing. However, this is the first time I have heard of someone's butt getting on line with out it's owners knowledge. Maybe we should tell Staal... we found his ass and it wasn't in a hole in the ground, after all.... It was in Australia.

Re: Out
or That sounds about right... 2400 was FAST back then and these things weren't fast. I cant see why not. The shipping was probably faster than the modems.

RE: Michael Townsend
Holy Mother of Fucker! I said that

ME WHO THEY WAS Russ, you know what Nixon told you about the television. It was just before they stopped Moe (of the Three Stooges) from contacting you, remember? They did it with tubes then.

Serves me right for being a know-it-all; it's Aldrich. sigh... one of my great regrets is not buying a skull from Ward's before the sale of human bone products was outlawed. You could get toothless ones for less than 20 bucks.

Blue Genes.
You get a lot of baboons over there in Zone Two?

Re: Theory of Creation.
Statement B: Your above statment, compounded by damned near everything you have said in this echo. Jesus Christ and I have at least one thing in common: we hate hypocrites.

As if I needed further evidence that you've never done any gardening. Chicken droppings are WAY too concentrated a form of nitrogen. I have this vision of you with your finger stuck up a chicken's butt. It is a chemical source. You only need to compost it to make it usable. Takes about a year, the place for a compost heap, and the other humus producing material that you use to moderate the chicken droppings. You know... the usual things

Which would be a shame, because if a person is poorly dressed and covered in chickenshit I, of course, would have a low opinion of them.

Mother Angelica
not Virtually nothing.... it may have a few legitimate uses, but for the most part it has been relegated to quack science/medicine. You might find a few chiropractors using them, but even then in todays world with it's conferns over EMF polution, most folks are less than enthusiastic to being hooked up to a microwave oven with jumper cables. It was the 'cutting edge' of medical technology in the 40's...

Aint that the pits....

Michael Townsend
OK.... Holy Marceau Marceau! I said that

WHAT Sabbath keeping is not relevant to The Ten Commandments?!?!?!? Are you going to tell me that bit about "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy" is something I made up?

OK... I must have misread the header; I thought they WERE using you to access the echo. I'm simply selfishly looking after my own interests, as it looked like they might fuck up a service that *I* use.

Burden of Poop
I have to confess that I sat here and looked at this statement for 10 or 15 minutes before I saw just what about it was bothering me. Willy is boasting that a chemical fertilizer doesn't cause blooms of algae or bacteria because it "BIODEGRADES". I have to wonder how he thinks that bio-degradation occurs? Transubstantiation?

And if that doesn't make it into Fred's quote files, I'm throwing a Force Five tantrum. Chickenshit Willy to the rescue!

Yeah, but they all have nice teeth. Oh... on another not: your experience with local Customs and your freight container... You DID pay the requested bribe, beforehand didn't you? I'm sure they suggested it. I LOVE the way that DHL touches on this subject, they suggest you "have a national meet the shipment at the airport". What they dont say is WHY this might speed things up.

Blue Genes.
they have no And you're sure they're not American tourists?