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Hypocritical people
That was your first mistake, fundy. Very xian of you. Nope, it's you that are attempting to not honor the IOU that you gave David. Provide the proof necessary to show that he doesn't have it. Many here have already claimed that they have seen the note. I have. Are you going to argue with a god? I know you won't with the childish god you believe in, as you are afraid of him. 'Nuff said, little fundy. The KKK

hypocritical people
No, your godling simply killed an innocent fig tree. Think about it.

If only to get more and more taglines! If he gets it and comments back to you on it, he's what hes says he is now. If he burns it, well.... Seriously, I do think he's at least thinking about his position. It's not what it was a few months back. All I can say is look for any inconsistencies and make note of them.

Psalm 69:4 / John 15:25
Unfortunately, your "godling" is the cause of hatred. Good thing that you aren't bald. You might make bears come down on people. I've seen the bullshit you have posted. You have given ample cause.

Convention on the Rights of the Child 1/3 (Part 2)
You can go to hell, Grigor-Mortis. Your god created it for you. You deserve it.

Because they are bound by their godling to do just that or risk eternal damnation. As it is, they are a very damnable bunch of idiots. BTW, if you want some fun, count up the number of different churches that have their own idea of the "perfect world"!

That's 'God Dan' to you, silly mortal.

I already nominated him for that. So, I'll third your nominee here.

Cracker Barrel boycott
I noticed that you conveniently skipped over the "minor" problem in Ireland, pink boy.

IOW, they are doing everything right, especially in regard to your first complaint.

Jewish Views, Cont.
of I never told you that. I told you to get your hands out of your pockets and stop playing with yourself. After all, you are far beyound the beginning of puberty to to that in public.

Hypocritical people
No he's not. I've given many parties and invited all of the Gods. Odin and Thor always show up. Athena and Dianna do as well. Your "god" seems to be rather shy about mingling with his superiors. Then again, the spoiled little brat is underage for him to be a real god.

You are an asshole. Sincerely yours, God Dan

Cracker Barrel boycott
As you should be! LOL! He tries his best. However, to many people keep archives. Technology is the bane of fundys. He's not even close to being an exception. After all, there is only "One True Xian". That's the one of the multitude that claim they are that "one" and all the other xians aren't.

Exemplifying examples
You really shouldn't wonder about that, li'l Kenny. It's a given.

Jewish Views, Cont.
Which god, puny one?

You do realize that if I was the xian god I'd have to get my brain-dead followers out hunting you down... However, we have a motion on the floor and civil parliamentary procedure has precidence. All gods in favor, say "Aye"!

That's nice. I shall torture you to death for three hours. Unforunately, unlike your "godling", I will ensure that you are dead after that time. Care to make the "sacrifice", Ken?

Clones vs Clowns
Your "god" does it all the time. He created you, didn't he? Based on your bible. Face it, Kenny, Hitler was an xian to the nth degree. Thank Saul, your foundimg father, for your fuck-ups.

Cracker Barrel boycott
Hitler was an xian believer, Kenny.