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Me, The Creationist.
The guy who catches it just before he gets tackled. Now, Liar: Tell us about your walk with Former President Harry Truman on Mt St Helens.

illogical God
This is a computer generated message. Verbal doesn't enter the picture. As for your "loving god", my statement stands as written. After all, his atrocities are well documented in your silly bible.

When coupled with "Sheis", it is. Then again, you can lead into it with "Schwarzt" and come up with a general

Banned Books 7
You've got to be kidding me, though I know you aren't. The only truly hateful book that does need banning is the bible. However, I won't even ask for that, let alone burn one. However, I may get myself an extra copy and do that, just because. Thanks for the 97 list of reading material.

Cracker Barrel Boycot
If you had a fucking OLR.... You're pathetic, Kenny.

Your god's an asshole.

of No need to attempt to lower his status by doing that. After all, he's the God of Twinkies. Sincerely yours, Me

Does your brain go into reverse as soon as you start to type?

Not really. I makes far more sense than any of her previous postings. Try dumbing it down about 50 or more IQ points on your next reading.

Ritual Cannibalism
You have admitted that you do owe Alec $1,000,000. You have now stated that you may have mailed the check. If the check is not there by the end of the month, you have lied about mailing it. Further, if the check does get there and it bounces, that's fraud. After all, you have just stated that the debt to Alec was real.

I feel very hurt. <sniff>

Christianazi propaga
The Word says that you are an asshole. Tough luck, dipshit.

Idiotic Assertions
Don't worry, you are next in line for the treatment. Just don't get postal in the mean time.

Inane effrontery
Why? Is she you Holy Fuck?

The Moral of Sumerian myt
It's quite apparent that you don't have a clue. Now, go ask you pastor as to why you are clueless.

The Moral of Sumerian myt
The fucking Noachin Flood tale doesn't appear in the the OT until _after_ the diasproraic Jews returned from Babylon. Now, dipshit, should I draw you as map so that you can find your way out of the cul-de-sac you painted your way into?

Those that are out to get you. Your paranoia will provide the "who".

Non-Christian Pre-Flood Dance Snakes
Never been to a West Virginia backwoods church, I see. (Hmmmm, is 'West Virgina backwoods' redundant?) They had to narrow. If they didn't, they wouldn't be snakes. Just look at how narrow Swaggart's genes are. Now, if you examine snakes carefully, you will see that there are still some remnants of the legs left. Not in all snakes, though, but in some of them. They are the vestigial vestal versions and are often found in the above mentioned churches.

The Moral of Sumerian myt
Try figuring out how to set your text editor to take care of the fucking mess it leaves when you quote.

Me, the Creationist. 1/2
It's quite easy, David. Laurie has claimed that he walked on Mt St Helens with former Pres Harry Truman, 10 years after Truman died. Now, go kiss Laurie's little ass and make it all better.