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I can see you are, my son. Should I send you a Troi? Not really, as I had it cut last Odin's Day. Far more easy to manage now. It turned a few heads, especially this red-headed one. Then again, I nearly broke my neck looking at her, all week end!

pity the poor god
To the same place Apollo went when James T. Kirk refused to worship him.

You are a liar, Alan. At least one person on this Echo has offered to get you one.

An offer for Alan
The interference at your end of the line is the radio static your last remaining 2 neurons cause as they try to kill each other.

Target practice seems to top the list.

Snoopy has always done a good job of that. Whether the beagle can read or not is another story. I do know he can type very poorly written beginings to novels. Ask the red-haired girl.

Noah's Ark
It had to, you ignorant shit pile of wasted carbon and other assorted chemicals.

Non-Christian Flood
(My insertion) Go ahead, dance around it, you snake!

illogical God
Here, take this Jelly Doughnut, or else. DM

Jim's Occult Rants
is Like the authors of you bible? It's in your bible, Jim. as It's in your bible, Jim. Your god commanded just such actions. Besides the fact that your bible is no where near 10,000 yrs old, your bible has not bothered to help it change. In fact, the bigotry in it has helped to perpetuate the same. Take your god and shove him.

Jim's Occult Rants
Then, it's apparent that you daily dosage of Prozac is having an effect. Don't miss your next dose.

Woops! Throw another one onto the barbee
One of the first thing religious blinders do to a person it to quash their humor gene. Sarcasm is the first thing that gets flushed down the baptism font. Unlike you, who needs a who religious group to slaughter millions of people. Name one person Ed has killed. You won't find that in xianity, for sure. Some other religions have kinder and gentler gods, but they don't have any evidence of them, either. "Spirits"? Why do you need spirits to

An offer for Alan
Why don't you fucking get a copy or a program that has one, you stupid twerp. You have been offered assistance. Now, you are requesting personal service. Use that pea of a brain that your god dried out for you.

I claim Phil
IOW, you don't care what you are saying, just saying it to avoid coming to terms with your religion. 757's can land and take off from the top of your head.

illogical God
What god, Annette? Got any evidence that _any_ god exists? in I take it you sleep with a night light on so the Boogeymen don't get you while you are sleeping. So, why does your "perfect work of god" say that Pi 3.0? Take your "perfect, all-loving forgiving god" and shove him where the sun don't shine.

New Testament
You have been, for a long time. You don't have the acumen to lay down and be debunked. and Your fucking problem is you don't have a god damned clue as to where your religion camne from and who wrote your fucked up theology that you follow now.

Noah's Ark
The problem is, Li'l Boy-chick, the "evidence" that you posted debunks yourself. Deal with it. I'd ask you to get an education, but it is apparent that such a thing over the Pre-school level is far beyound your capabilities.

Noah's Ark
It still is, you moron. It wasn't then, you stupid git. But, do provide evidence that it was far lower, like below sea level, at the time of your mythical flood 6,000 yrs ago. Now, Mr "geologist", explain for all how mountains form. Go ahead, show us your PhD in Geology and explain it all away. Tell us why marine fossils can't be at 29,002 feet in elevation. Explain why such a change in elevation happens after a flood. Tell

Buddhist funnies . . .
I wonder if the sheath she uses is lambskin.

Great tagline. If you have any more like them, I'll turn you over to Yhwh so that he can send you to the hell you deserve. I think you and Henny Youngman merit each other.