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Perfect idiot
Actually, this one I don't have to sign.

Christianazi propaga
I could tell you how I do it, but then I'd have to kill you! Thanks!

I'M Confused Too!
The fuck they are. Sincerely, Your god.

THEORY of Evilution
Re-read what you wrote and throw yourself on the barbie, you fucking idiot.

Go fuck yourself.

THEORY of Evil Minds
That's very xian of you. Now, run along and find some sand to stick your head into.

THEORY of Evil dan
It's a level that is light-years beyound yours, pink boy.

THEORY of Ray Talley
Wrong, Franky. Your god hasn't been let out of the corner he was put in 5,000 yrs ago for trying to destroy his toys. The only way he'll be let out of kindergarten is if he seriously improves his attitude.

<aprox 50 lines of needless quoting deleted> You will burn in hell unless you get yourself a fucking off line reader, you ignorant son of a bitch.

Historical Twinkies
'Twas I that elevated Him to Godhood. He chose the name at his initiation. Actauly, it was almost by default, as he prefaced his messages with, "While munching on a Twinkie..."

THEORY of Fossils
Your arrogance is only exceded by your ignorance, you fucking asshole. Oops, it was your god that you were fucking at the time. Do you give him a reach around to make him smile as you fuck him? Or, does he do that when he has the top with you?

What to you mean by "may"? I hope it won't hurt too much. I've got an article by Stephen Jay Gould I'm trying to get the time to u/l to him. It's unfortunate that the article has facts to back it up. I don't think Kockman is ready to deal with such "devisive" things.

Why do I have these visions of Billy looking like Dr. Smith in _Lost in Space_ with Robbie the Robot laughing at him?

Go fuck yourself, Frank. You can use my chainsaw. The gas is on me.

It's about time you enjoyed yourself. Did you use a condom? You never know what filthy places your hand has been, especially if it was near your mouth.

Myths of Inquisition 2
From _QB VII_ "The Court finds for the Plaintiff and awards him 1 penny, the lowest coin in the realm." Cady: "I won't pay it. Let the bastard take me to court again."

Go fuck yourself, Franky. Give us a good reason to morn for you, Franky.

Six useless mesages
That's because you didn't lit the 'whic', Franky.

You wouldn't know a rational question if it bit you in the ass. That's why you are having such a hard time taking a shit lately. Josh McDowell must be your mentor. You both need a clue. Till the next time: Go fuck yourself. Sincerely Me, God Dan

The E.D.G.E of Evil Intent!
Tough luck, Frederic, Jan got top billing this time! He still mistypes that 'k' as an 'h', I see. God damn, I didn't know Jan was potentially evil. I always thought that he was Truly Evil, but in a nice sort of way. Besides, the only traffic in Billy Kockmans Echo has been his own spamming to himself. I wonder just how sticky Billy's keyboard is these days. Congratulations, Jan, for your great achievement. A pseudo-bronzed piece of plastic will