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Motion Passed
nun. Ohhhhh!!! He meant through me into a nunnery! Hell, I would have went willingly. Remember, that's God Globerg you are petitioning. It could be that he'll send you to a none-of-this-ery.

Big fucking deal. If he was a god he wouldn't have created the likes of you. A real god has better taste than to create idiots like you.

With some salt and placing them on a cracker and calling them "caviar"?

Motion Passed
Can't say I didn't warn you! PS, don't forget to bring the beer.

If you can read this, you will know that I am your God. Deposit large amounts of twenty dollar bills in my account and I'll respond again. And, NO! It's not your's to wonder why a God needs twenty dollar bills. Just do it!

Mom did always like you best. <pout> I ain't got one, but I'll see what I, your not so subservient brother, can do. It all depends on whether I decide to go sailing on my day off. If'n the wind is good, fair, or not even there, sailing takes precidence!

Of course not, you fool. However, you believe the bullshit that you are spewing. It's done all of the time. That's why they call it FX. In your case, the charlatism is call "religion".

Well, you got something right. Howevr, you seem to be behind about sending in your extors... err, donation. BTW, have fun!

That is true. IIRC, it was Al Schroeder that first recognized my divinity. Does that mean I'm in the running for the Glodberg Award this year, sis?

Of course there is, puny human. Got any evidence to support your god of lies? Other than your bible, of course. be Just how well do you know Paul Bunyon? Saul never met your "Jesus", Ken. What you believe are the words of Saul.

Prayer in schools
What humility? I made you into a god, I can take you out. but Now, as for the cat, that's a different story.

fundy frolics 1/3
No big deal, actually. He's my evil twin son. Actually, he's quite nice. He just does that to get even with the brother his mommy liked best. After 2,000 yrs, he's still whining about it. You'd think someone crucified him or something.

Virgin Phantasies
Nah, that's only one of my very outdated psuedonyms.

Yes, my son. Of course it is. How else woudl you now that I am truly God Dan? You get a reprieve for that one! LOL!

Alter boy rape
And I'm God. Fancy that. Now, stop passing off your fantasies as fact and get on with your life and get a real job.

Now you really know the true meaning of hell, don't you. One has to assertain the total number of mispellings/spellings to really know the differnce. Mine are still in the >1 category for the ratio. Uyo are larnin', Grapestomper.

Ken Young Quotes
That's what faith is for, little boy. Now, try using evidence instead of belief.

Help bedunk Ken
Congradulations on your pointed ascendency to god-hood. (That's assuming, of course, that it still has a hood.)

Then, dipshit, where does sin come from? Is it something that you god couldn't do on his own? You know, that "creator of everthing". of which "sin" is a part of it?

Thanks for recognizing me. It's about time that you started worshipping the correct god. Now, for your prior trangressions, send all your money to charity. Do it now, or you are back on my shit list.