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Cracker Barrel boycott
You still do not understand what 'Occult' means, do you, Kenny. The word describes your religion to a 'T'. Need an example?

Motion Passed
Any dissenting votes? None that I hear. The motion carries: Ken Young is an asshole.

Motion Passed
I, unlike you, don't take drugs, let alone take them intravenously. Anyhow, what's your god damned problem? Your CAPS Lock key break by the will of Satan or something? Take another snort of Jesus Christ and call me back when you fucking calm down.

Perhaps it's the problem that you religionoids have about SEX!!!!! Getting too turned on by it? If so, do lock a lot of what is mentioned in your bible out of your head. As before, you have your CAPS Lock key MESSED UP. Try turning it off.

J.J. needs to be Hitt
You're new at this, aren't you. Saul created your religion. No gods needed, just ignorant people to believe in it. The same person that created your god created Satan. And, ITMT, I'll burn a puppy for you. After all, it is your actions that require that sacrifice.

Murderous Christians
to You lose, as garlic is my favorite flavoring. And, if you are wondering, I do have a recipe for a garlic flavored topping for ice cream.

Bloody Damn Fido . . .
That explains the problem. Who the hell would want to answer a letter from an obviously silly pseudonym like that. Let you know what?

Motion Passed
I wonder what the poor deluded fool will say now. After all, there are now 3 Gods in this thread. Let's form a Trinity and send her to hell for her blasphemy!

Motion Passed
Wouldn't it be better to get her to learn how to use her FUCKING CAPS LOCK KEY first, God Glodberg?

Motion Passed
Yes, but are you sure that 'she' isn't cross-dressing?

another for the FAQ
it Bull-fucking shit! I'm as tolerant of shit-headed fundies as ever. Sincerely your (And Mary Smiths' I'm sure!), God Dan PS: Don't use my name in vein.

Bill Gates
I lent it to him. (No interest accruing in the loan, mind you!)

another for the FAQ
Why? You got a cold? Try a Kleenex instead.

Pascal's Wager
You fucked it up, George. You chose the wrong god.

Accepting Reality
Careful, you little piece of slime. What you ask for may just come back to haunt you.

Motion Passed
She needed a sygmoidoscope(sp?) to get a better view of were Bozo's head is located.

another for the FAQ
That sure does seem to be the case. The poor deluded fool doesn't realize that that remark was made because Amanda what's-her's-name, of the CAPS Lock impaired, used exactly that phrase.

God Wars!
As Einstein knew of me, god does not play dice with the universe. That's a point? To me, it far more like a lie-ability. Better you than me.

Motion Passed
What would be interesting is if she took her keyboard to a technician to have it removed because, "it was naughty!"

Motion Passed
Not in the least. It seems like the majority believe because they are told to believe. On hundred and ninety-eight, but who's counting? Unless, of course, it's fucking CAPS LOCK Keys. Seems like it would be fun to be at Staal's opening night and have the Harpies sitting front row center.