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Faulty Genes?
The Laurie Appleton wrote to Eric Schreiber line originated with *me* it's automatically put into messages I write, based on the to: and from: fields of the message I'm responding to. It got the bad spelling from what you wrote. And no, you've never explained that. The last time I called you on it, you responded: So, we had a lot of this sort of unnatural beverage all throughout human history? EEAS

Bad Days
Sure enough, we do. Apparently, though, Laurie has them a LOT, since he's misspelled my name several times now. Further, all he really needs to do is hit his reply key, and the name of the person he's replying to will *automatically* be inserted for him. Clearly, he was intentionally spelling my name incorrectly, for reasons that are probably incomprehensible to any but himself. EEAS

By which you mean you can only prove your religious beliefs to people who already share those beliefs. Useless. EEAS

I don't like to leave things to chance. If he told you, he'd have to witness to you. EEAS

None known. EEAS

Moral Law
Hmmm. Methinks I ought to consider moving, then. I'm getting so tired of being bound by my strong moral tendencies. EEAS

On this one I agree. I don't have any children, and yet I've had to pay taxes that go to support schools. Further, more children in a family equals more tax deductions, which sound thoroughly absurd to me. While I'm certainly not an expert on developing taxation systems, it seems to me that every couple ought to get one child with no tax impact at all. Each child after that should have an increasing tax *cost*, not deduction, applied. After

Bad Days
I'm starting to develop an inflated ego, due to all the discussion of my name Since all Laurie has to do is hit a reply button, which will automatically fill in the name of the person he's replying to, I'm putting my money on intentional misspelling. EEAS

Just a few examples of the Church's connections to the inquisition... In 1258, Pope Alexander IV, in his decretal letter Quod super nonullis, allowed that the Inquisition could try witches if there was evidence of manifest heresy in their cases. In 1320, William, Cardinal of Santa Sabina, wrote in a letter to the Inquisitors of Carcassonne and Toulouse "Our most holy father and lord, by divine providence Pope John XXII, fervently desires that witches, the infectors of God's flock, flee

You can't predict the 'value' that a person will contribute to society as an adult. Some disadvantaged children will battle all odds and grow up to be great adults, and plenty of rich kids will grow up to be snivelling fools. On average, though, people will be, well, average. However, it's an absolute safe bet that every individual will be a burden, if not on society, then on the resources of the planet. It's selfish of me, but in my

What program do you think is doing it? The reason I ask is that I'm writing these messages with a freeware text editor called Prolix, which I wrote myself (note blatant advertisement). As written, my text doesn't actually contain line breaks, just paragraph breaks (it's wrapped). It's then imported into Blue Wave, which appears to handle wrapping fine. I want to make sure I'm not doing something non-standard. EEAS

Moral Law
My time machine is in the shop, along with my snowmobile and motorcycle. However, I've got poor taste in abundance, ready to be used at whim. EEAS

I think we may be having a conflict of definitions here "whipper-snapper" to me means youngster specifically anyone younger enough than myself that I can consider them to be in an entirely different age group. Nothing in what I wrote can be reasonably construed as supporting the idea of killing existing people. I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to create extra meaning from what I write. In the most extreme interpretation, I'm implying that you should never

Sounds as if they've decided that the market for offline mail readers doesn't justify the R&D expense of doing a good job writing one. Can't say as I blame them. EEAS

How convenient. Your excuse is built right into your mythology. EEAS

Will fo god
I rather doubt it. First, I don't necessarily believe in God, or at the very least I don't necessarily believe in the Christian god. Second, I would consider anyone who claims to know the will of god, even when they wave their biblical proofs around, to be suspect. Assuming God does indeed occasionally pipe up on a subject, he has the annoying habit of doing it through various human representatives, who themselves are fond of observing how imperfect humans are.

Your excuse for not being able to provide proof of god's existence. EEAS

Will of god
If you want to believe that, go right ahead. You're wrong, of course, but believe away. The "what next" I'm asking is the question that should follow the "Be fruitful and multiply" objective. That objective having been reached, it's high time we stopped increasing the current population, and started looking towards the next thing that needs done. I'm not discussing, or interested in, the overall mission of Christianity. This thread is about the fruitful/multiply command. Certainly most of those ideals

The Bible does not constitute proof of god's existence. Never has, never will. Try a method that doesn't involve circular logic errors. EEAS

Surely the event "the beginning" predates the written record of the beginning. Or are you saying that the first verses of the bible were being recorded even as god mashed some clay together to make Adam? EEAS