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Flood stories
If there are in fact "many", then you should ahve no trouble with this: Name three non-Christian cultures that have world-wide flood stories. Include references. Likewise, just because you contend that many of them do have flood stories, that doesn't mean it's true. EEAS

It's extremely improbable that any one person playing the lottery will win it. However, every few weeks it makes someone into a millionaire. EEAS

Near Death Experiences
Jews all look the same? I don't think so. I remind you that "Jew" denotes religion, *not* nation of origin. It sounds to me as though we're gaining genetic diversity. I mean, after all, according to the Bible, we all are descended from Adam and Eve a mere two people. Even more recently, of course, everyone except Noah and his family were wiped out by the flood, leaving us with only their limited genetic material to work with. Presumably,

prety Maybe when he gets to high school and takes the ACT or SAT he'll come and post his scores for us all to be amazed by. Some years ago my folks told me that in one of the IQ tests I took as a kid, my score was 150. I've never bothered to find out where that falls on the bell curve, since I try to keep in mind that those measurements are pretty much meaningless. I suspect it'd

Certainly there might be. There might also be a real Bigfoot, and all the other popular myths might be true as well. Personally, I *like* to suspend disbelief where these things are concerned. I want to believe in the possiblility, even though I know that proof is lacking. The trick, of course, is to recognize when you want to believe in something vs. when something is believable. This is the trick most religions don't want people to know. EEAS

Aboriginal Flood Story.
Actually, I showed once in this echo in great detail that the ark was not nearly big enough to carry the load it was supposed to have been built for. However, I'm not busy tonight, so I'll work it out again, this time using the same data you're conveniently providing, along with the penultimate book of knowledge the Holy Bible. I'd be inclined to agree with this. However, if we're going to take the Bible literally, we must take

He's probably waiting for the Made For TV Movie. EEAS

Ummm, I'm in Australia. Yeah, that's it. That's a fact and a half. A few years after getting that ACT score that everyone was so excited about I got thrown out of college with a GPA so low that they had to use extra decimal points. Or something. The problem wasn't a lack of intelligence, but rather a lack of discipline, and more importantly of interest. Both problems were later corrected by several years working factory jobs and studying like

The Paine Truth
Start with "The Age of Reason". This has been reprinted so many times that listing an ISBN number is pointless. Just go to your local community library and get a copy they probably have several. Or, if you've got web access, take a look at: EEAS

Mensa accepts certain tests as adequate for entrance, with no further testing (aside from wallet content) required. ACT was one of them, and there were several others. Mensa web page probably provides more details. EEAS

Language changes
Or even more appropriate, The Lord's Prayer. I had an English teacher who gave us printed copies and read it to us. The sounds were wonderful alien and yet familiar at the same time. And, luckily, we couldn't actually understand her, so I didn't have to be offended by the content. EEAS

An offer for Alan
If you mean the BBS Alan posts from, the Fido nodelist show it as 1-706-353-0507. EEAS

His point had nothing to do with your content, but rather your form. He's noting poor English skills. EEAS

Language changes
Not problem for me. When I've taken the time to be scum, I've always made a point of being True Scum. I kinda miss Steve Winter sometimes. At least he was entertainingly abusive. Seems like the goofs in here are just idiots parroting the teachings of their masters. Winter had some refreshing rants going for him. EEAS

Moderator Advisory To All
Wow! Banned in advance. *Very* cool. This kind of thing definitely tells you you're on the right track. EEAS

The non-existant Roman Catholic church
What are you, brain dead? I had the singular experience of being raised Catholic, and the members of that church, from laypersons up through priests, bishops, and the Pope, call it the Roman Catholic Church. EEAS

Evolutionary Queries.
Why wait? I look on creationists that way right now. EEAS

Actually, I liked the (few) nuns I knew rather a lot. Of course, I didn't attend Catholic school, but spent a lot of Sundays in CCD and preparing for my Confirmation. I imagine a Catholic school might have changed my point of view. I also liked the one priest I ever really got to know a Father Mulholland in the tiny hamlet of Washington NC. He was a very entertaining fellow, and had some pretty neat pet projects, such

October 31, 1997, fell on a Friday. EEAS

Seen in Louisiana...
The sad thing is, a lot of people won't get what your talking about. "Define 'irony'". EEAS