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Ark capacity
I did some research according to "The Diversity of Life" by Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1992, this is the number of known species currently occupying the earth (they estimate rather a large number of species that are as yet undiscovered, but we'll stick to real numbers): Protozoa 30,800 Vascular (higher) plants 248,400 Algae 26,900 Fungi 69,000 Monera (bacteria similar forms) 4,800 Viruses 1,000 Insects 751,000 Mammals 4,000 Birds 9,000 Reptiles 6,300 Amphibians 4,200

Creation science
Speaking for myself, I'm not uncomfortable with the idea of a higher being I'm uncomfortable with believing in things for which I can see no credible evidence or reasonable proof. Most of the creationists in here are incapable of thinking for themselves. Instead, they quote from little books of creationism propoganda and imagine they are presenting credible arguments. EEAS

Evidence, please? No, not even enough to keep them alive. I did all the math in a message I sent out yesterday according to my figures, the ark was only a tenth of the needed size. In that message, I based the calculations upon only two members of each species, but many species apparently had seven representatives (Genesis 7:2-3). Further, I only figured for 40 days worth of food. However, the actual flood lasted 150 days (Genesis 6:24). I'd

Fossil Record
it: note conside Really? Then why do you suppose that so many creationists get their undies in a bunch when the subject comes up? Personally, I'm somewhat with you here the bible is so full of parables, yet none of the creationists seem willing to accept that in large part the bible itself is a parable. Instead, they insist that it's verbatim fact, which is where the root of their absurd beliefs must lie. And so far, you're the

David Raup.
I must have misunderstood I thought creationists were a catastrophe. Are these creationists in the general habit of issuing welcomes to places they've never themselves been? EEAS

Creation Science.
In general, this is how fossilization takes place. However, all those strata were not laid down by the same watery incident (great flood). Maybe you don't understand the whole concept of a theory, which is what evolutionism is at this point. By the way, you needn't quote that whole pile of crap about "noted evolutionists" stating that evolution is "fact" we've seen it before, and it won't be any more relevant in it's fiftieth posting than it was in

Creation science
"Ford Prefect". A reference to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy novels. There is an unfortunate tendency among some computer users to take on an alias that was clearly lifted from obvious sources. Generally I consider it to be a case of low creativity and/or lack of literary knowlegde. I'm all for taking on aliases, but when I see things like that one all I can do is sigh. Why can't people come up with something a little more obscure?

Corrected Religion.
As far as you know, Noah coaxed a breeding pair of every species of animal on the planet onto an ark and managed to keep them alive for 150 days until the waters receded. As far as you know, one single great flood for which you cannot provide decent evidence is responsible for every layer of the fossil record. Perhaps you can see why I'm not real impressed with "Essentially none", then. If you 'translated' the works of Shakespeare to

Cashless society
I cannot describe how terrified I am to find myself in agreement with you on something. But there you have it. EEAS

Millennial foolishness
It amazing how excited people get over a lot of zeros, isn't it? But then, most people *are* zeros. On the other hand, if I ever get a car that makes it to 100,000, I will consider it cause for celebration. EEAS

Children die
This really reads as though you're saying children are being punished for the disbelief of their parents. Am I reading this right? EEAS

Flood vs meteor
Grin. EEAS

Cashless society
This only allows for very general tracking, however. In day-to-day activitiies cash often moves from one person to another several times before hitting a store or finally a bank. Looking at illegal activities this is especially true. In college towns, for example, the 'chain' that money follows can be pretty long dad gets some money at bank, gives a few sawbucks to junior to buy food. Junior gives it to a friend for some pot, the friend in turn

I Well don't bother with 3001 then. I read it, and as near as I can tell it's an excellent idea for a story Clarke ought to consider writing it. What I'm getting at is that it read like a very slim outline. The characters were nothing more than names, all the wonders of the age were simply mentioned as characters walked by them (wtf were velociraptors doing in the book working as garden hands???), Clarke drops names all

Ark capacity
Ok, I've read this three times and I still can't decide if it's a compliment, an insult, or merely an acknowledgement I guess it doesn't matter though. At least while I was doing all that research and math, I wasn't on the street Getting In Trouble. EEAS

Length of flood
That's 150 days, actually. The rain fell for 40 days, but the waters didn't recede for 150, according to Genesis. It would make for some pretty hungry carnivores, and some tasty-looking herbivores. I'm voting that they all ate canned Spam. EEAS

Hibernating cats
I can't remember when I last saw my cats awake, actually. Probably a fine line between 'hibernation' and 'coma'. EEAS

Life from dirt
Assuming you accept some unprovable and unsupported notions to start with, such as the existence of God. Tell it to the creationists. Define "huge amounts of electricity". Would, say, lightning fit the bill? Why do you need God when a simple thunderstorm will suffice? Of course, on the poetic side it gives a new twist to "God strike me down with a thunderbolt". EEAS

Flood vs meteor
"Dimensions". EEAS

Ark capacity
Oh, well, "Thank you" then. EEAS