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hateful religious dogma
Don't forget to add that God (existence accepted for the sake of argument) very probably isn't particularly interested in artificial political boundaries, such as "my country". EEAS

It made me feel nice and smug. I just love it when the fictional aspects of the bible are demonstrated. I won't be surprised, however, when the same 'explanation' used for the fossil record is given "God made it that way on purpose to confuse us test our faith make things interesting whatever". EEAS

Odd beliefs don't diminish one's intelligence, they merely indicate the possibility of diminished intelligence. Is it stupid to be a Christian? No I've met some extremely intelligent Christians. One wonders, though, about the intelligence of someone who arbitrarily accepts a system of beliefs without any concrete evidence to support it. EEAS

There is evidence, just not enough to constitute proof. Hence the term "theory of evolution". At least scientists promoting the concept of evolution aren't so arrogant as to call it "fact". Creationsists, on the other hand, do consider their view as factual, in the absence of *any* credible proof. If you've got credible evidence that creationism is true, I'd love to see it. Oh, and don't bother with anything like quoting scripture that's completely inadequate. EEAS

You've just proven a bizarre personal set of logic skills. First you quote a discussion of gaps in the fossil record. Then you state that Creationism predicts "NO 'gaps'". Finally you conclude that the fossil record therefore confirms creationism. Do you see where your logic is not merely flawed, but totally hosed? EEAS

Don't you read Dear Abby? This can and does happen. 'course, the virgin in question has to be pretty much bare-assed and squirming upon the groin of a boy, but it can happen. EEAS

Perhaps these days that's the case, but do you have historical sheep-herding records that provide more evidence? 2000 years is a very long time, and human calendars have been modified several times in the past. That Jesus (assuming he lived, for the sake of argument) wasn't born on the 25th is generally well accepted. However, if you're is a Christian looking to celebrate the occasion, you have to do it on *some* date. 12/25 is as good as any other

The "10%" concept is invalid. Period. That oft-quoted number is based on some fairly spurious research done a few decades ago. It's meaningless. EEAS

Look Whose Squirming!
Note that the same statement applies equally well to you. A hypothesis by definition is unproven. As for the hypotheses involving the theory of evolution, the fact that they are as yet unproven (hence the usage of the term "theory") does not at all imply that they are unprovable. The gaps in the fossil record in no way disprove the evolution theory, nor do they prove the creationist theory. In fact, so far I've seen nothing that proves, or even

Science Gone Mad!
It's physicists and astronomers teaching that. While many of them also believe in evolution, the sciences are unrelated to one another. Asimov admitted that many people are idiots. So what? I'm in full agreement with him on that point. Hell, the general public once believed that the earth was flat, too. No doubt there are a few out there who still hold to that as well. No, most likely he is simply dead, and not seeing anything at all. EEAS

Ark quality
"Probably"??? The quantity of wood available to ship builders in recent centuries has always been adequate to the needs of the shipbuilders. They never ran out of trees, after all. As for quality, why would you assume that the techniques and skills of shipbuilders would decrease over time? While today the wooden ship-building skills are almost lost, this is becuase these skills are no longer used or needed. However, during the age of exploring the new world and opening trade

Fossil records
Hardly a difficult thing to understand. Consider a flood situation (not a Biblical flood, just a typical run-of-the-mill too-much-water-in-the-river flood). When a river rises over it's flood level, two interesting things can happen water chemistry changes, sometimes dramatically, and a lot of previously dry dirt suddenly gets promoted to silt status. Now, if you've ever run a fishtank, you know how absolutely devastating a sudden change in water chemistry can be. If the flood changes the water quality of

What a weird notion EEAS

Look Whose Squirming!
I've been eating canned food for so long that I don't care what part of the game hen I get. Any part that doesn't have a soup or spaghetti label will suit me fine! <later> Reading more messages and coming across (whoops) the cornish game hen thread a few times, I'm forced to conclude that I missed something vital. EEAS

The FACT of Evolution?
"So many"? You quoted exactly one. I'm not a leading evolutionist, so I don't know why you should be surprised. Perhaps I simply recognize that the "Theory of evolution" is just that a theory. A damn good one, and one well-supported by available evidence, but as yet unproven. EEAS

Fossil Records.
Not at all. I'm simply pointing out a convenient and common situation (especially in the Midwest in recent years) where conditions would be favorable towards killing fish and beginning the process of creating fossils. So? I'm unable to discern what you're driving at. You seem to be opposed to drawing reasonable conclusions from fossils, you seem to think that the earth should have long since been eroded into a completely featureless sphere with no fossils left, and yet you

While I have no objections to duping dopes and taking their money (stupid people *should* be taken advantage of that's what natural selection is all about!), actually starting a religion seems like it would have a lot of paperwork involved. I might consider starting an S-corporation cult, though, if I thought I could make a quick buck. Chicks dig cult leaders. It gives it that 'personalized' touch. But enough about you, let's talk about me. EEAS

Ark Quality.
I haven't conceded that at all. My bible says 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits, which is translated to 450 x 75 x 45 feet. Now, certainly this is a good sized craft, but unless the aliens who built the pyramids were supplying miniaturization technology, there is no way that a craft of this size would have accomodated a breeding pair of every species of land animal and enough food to feed them for 40+ days. I'm not

Erosion and Deposition.
Taken out of context as you have here, yes I reject it. Without the context of the entire article, including surrounding paragraphs, it's meaningless. This is a common trick of people who lack valid facts to support their argument they twist or edit unrelated information so that it seems to support their views. Surely you can do better? Basing any conclusion on the meaningless fragment you copied from Britannica would be silly, and therefore right up your alley.

to I fear you're correct. we I don't know as a species we seem hell-bent on bulldozing every patch of pristine earth that we can find. If we dug up the numbers 1 and 3, the creationists would (rightly) point out that there's a gap. When we finally dug up the number 2, they'd be pointing to the lack of whole numbers between 2 and 3. EEAS