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Evolutionary Queries.
Then clearly, you're doomed. OTOH: A recent survey in Sweden showed that about 40% of the population though astrology to be a science. Seems we're all doomed, after all. /%/)+Eddy

quote file
Unless you have an infinite number of them.. er... Forget it. /%/)+Eddy

Short hiatus
You guys should be happy though, even one fundie is better than no fundie (can't believe I'm actually _writing_ this "We" (in region 20, Sweden) were having a feast of fundies about a year ago, but now the few fundies left are leaving us, using vague excuses of homework and jobs taking too much time. One actually left saying he had no time because his chu^H^H^Hsect-leader had put out a decree demanding more praying for the poor and unfortunate.

Evolutionary Queries.
I've seen this being explained to you on _numerous_ occations: We share a common ancestor. Are you suffering from a comprehension problem? If someone claimed the above for me and I didn't believe him I'd go looking for evidence to counter him. You, OTOH, just seem to ignore it and continue posting miss-quotations and the like (some of which are over 50 years old!) I saw that awful Dawkins-quote you made just earlier. I you'd actually read the

Heat Death.
I'm saving this for future reference. Thanks. It'll probably going to save me lot's of typing. /%/)+Eddy

(no subject)
Whee. I've been reading up on this echo from about eight in the morning till now. Lot's of fun reading (though most of the Laurie posts grew to be quite boring after a while. One can laugh just _that_ much at at the same clown. Diversity enrichens.) Saw some awful grammar mistakes in my earlier posts. Too late to correct them though. Oh well. Anyway, for some reason I took a break in my marathon reading for converting the BASIC

Your idiot God
Isn't "Christian education" some sort of oxymoron? /%/)+Eddy

Short hiatus
(I'm sure there's far more suitable echoes for that than this one) You run out of targets here too?! Most disappointing. /%/)+Eddy

Laurie's Freakish Delusions
GOD DUNNIT! /%/)+Eddy

A date that christians don't want?
Phew, that's a close one. Wouldn't want to miss my birthday the 16:th of June. /%/)+Eddy

Two days left!
Let's have a "spot the redundancy" competition. Or let's not /%/)+Eddy

Is "Scientific American" considered to be a "peer-reviewed" journal? (This is a serious question. Don't laugh /%/)+Eddy

I think that 'accomplishment' is much in the eye of the beholder. I have yet to see you with an accomplishement greater than that of a monkey using straws and sticks to eat ants. Uh. Using your argumenation we could conclude that you are as worthless as a zit, because you haven't really accomplished anything that can compare to that of Einstein. But then, you are probably a 'lower' animal than him. That would explain things (again, using your own

Deer? Atleast reindeer are notoriously stupid, and will happily wait until getting _bumped_, to move out of the way. /%/)+Eddy

Blue Genes.
lUsers. It all figures, except for that 'hair' thingy. Either my model is broken, or all lUsers are. You be the judge. /%/)+Eddy

Michael Townsend
As opposed to MEMEing. /%/)+Eddy

Case #3
*ROTFL* You sure live as you preach. /%/)+Eddy

Nazi Neighbours
You forgot the periods. Here you go: (.it ain't that hard, look around you.) HTH. /%/)+Eddy

Science Officer George
It wasn't his teeth I was worried about, it was his tail! It's all pointy and sharp and.. here, let's just cut it off. <snipp> Ooops. I think I was wrong. That wasn't his tail. Oh well, atleast he can't breed anymore. I think I'll dive again. Just inserting stupid on-liners isn't good for my image. Just a couple more, promise. /%/)+Eddy

Blue Genes.
A small fallancy of mine. Yeah, I know. /%/)+Eddy