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That is NOT the name of one of those scientists. And such a graphic in such a place probably bears the legend "idiotic bullshit formerly believed by the credulous."

Dillies, etc.
Well, this at least makes it EASY to remain unrecognized while partying 50 miles down the road. I can't think of the name of the bent monk in the first Blackadder series: "Take care of your daughter? Yes. Yes, I can do that Later, you say to Lynda Bustilloz: And never a dildo? a 10 Out of curiousity, did any of them want to take along a good OB-Gyne of whatever

a Much depends on how one defines despair: had I ever felt utterly without hope I would not be typing this now, as I would have blown my brains out on that occasion. If that is how you define despair, add my name to Fred's. (

Golden Showers
When Staal goes, he gets showered by real cats. They told him it was the specialitee d' maison, and he couldn't pass up the bargain. He really likes the part where they scratch around on his face afterard. (

Quality Fundy Time
Right. And let us not forget Ron Stringfellow, a _professional_ buffoon (Ass. of God minister) who hadn't two thoughts to rub together. He did have a lot of opinions, though. I suspect that the "more of 'em" syndrome comes from the commoditization of the computer: any yobbo with electricity and a phone number can be among us without even the very minimal confrontation with reality involved in learning how to work a computer beyond setting the power switch to "on".

Persecution Central
So YOU'RE the one!. The poor guy comes here, expecting a good persecution, and YOU have lost your tongs and thumscrews! How many times do I have to tell you to PUT THINGS AWAY WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH THEM AND YOU'LL KNOW WHERE TO FIND THEM? But you never listen. Now this poor Christian soul is wandering around in strange places, seeking the service he feels we promised him. No wonder our repeat business is lousy (

Pope Shot
Holy shit! (

Satanic Curse Update
At least god, were he ever to post here, would have the wit to QUOTE whatever it was that he was responding to, a feat beyond the powers of many who imagine gods to exist. So far as catching what you have, you will find the appropriate naughty bits echos on Christian Miller's BBS. Personally, I don't go in for that sort of thing.

Subjects will participate in a 10-week aerobic walking program after completing a 10-week control period in which they will be instructed to maintain their normal daily routine. A second 10-week control phase will follow the exercise portion to allow each subject to serve as his/her own control. Fitness tests will be performed throughout the control and exercise portions of the program using a treadmill and metabolic cart. (

Female Circumcision,
I Or possibly: Suzy: "When you press 'No Sale', the cash drawer pops out so fast that it gives you a cliterectomy." Dave: "Damn! You're the third one this year that the RS-5062 has done that to!" (

Gertrude Stein's great and good friend. When do I get my $64,000? (Don't be like a fundy confronted with a promissory note and try to ignore this

[2/2] Grace
I remember now---he's the one who preens himself on a theology degree, right? AND he expects the denizens here to be impressed with it, as if it were straight from Charles Schwab's lips.

The Ultimate Shit List - Part 1.
If you don't care to have your godlet mocked, you are well advised either to provide some valid (nonpropagandistic) evidence for the existence of said godlet or to get your sorry arse off of an echo devoted to debunking religions. Not that having a Muslim fundy about doesn't make a change from the run-of-the-mill Christian fundies we usually get in here--most of us are not as well versed on the sillinesses of the Koran as we are on the sillinesses

The Ultimate Shit List - Part 1.
ZDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD? 3 3 3 Definition of "fundy:" 3 3 Fundy is short for a combination of two words 3 3 emerging from the same Latin root, _fundus_ 3 3 (bottom), from whence _fundare_ (to lay the bottom). 3 3 The English _fundament_ refers to 1. the buttocks. 3 3 2. the anus. Religious extremists, who do their 3 3 thinking with these organs, practice 3 3 _fundamentalism_: 1. orthodox religious beliefs 3 3 based on a literal interpretation of the

Personally, I enjoy Byron--Don Juan reads like a novel, verse though it may be, and he gets off some nifty zingers at his fellow writers, politicians, and society in general (Of Wordsworth's "The Excursion": A little boat, he cries, a little boat/Then drivels seas to set it well afloat, etc.). Byron, upon meeting Beau Brummel in company with HRH George, Prince of Wales, asked the Beau "Who's your fat friend?"--you KNOW he can't be ALL bad. Thackeray's Vanity Fair isn't

Literacy in the Classroom
Right. One literate person on the faculty makes the rest of the teachers look bad and makes the administration look absolutely abysmal. (

You'd best look up what is meant by the phrase "peer reviewed journal". Time Magazine is not one. This man is a blithering idiot whose claims are debunked every time his name is mentioned among those needing to bend over to tie their shoes. Get back to us when you have something from a peer-reviewed journal. (

Poofter of God
OK, Gang! Any bets on how many times we have seen THIS gambit in the past year? I would guess 24, out of a sense that the average is roughly twice a month. The Gap would appear to be in his education. And he's too late. (

Jesus said, "EAT ME!"
Sensory exams will be performed on the lateral aspect of the thigh, medial aspect of the knee, medial malleolus of the tibia, dorsal aspect of the proximal phalanax of the third and little toes, the penis or clitoris, and the perianal area. The subject's level of ambulation will be evaluated as appropriate at the same intervals as the sensory examination and will be defined as a reciprocal gait. (

Well, well, well--you have actually managed to QUOTE something. But notice that you still don't have it quite right: Dan's (for some reason identified as "SA" above) is meaningless without the comment of yours to which he was responding. With no meningful context, your reply here is, as usual, meaningless in itself. How nice for him. You wouldn't happen to have any nonBiblical evidence for the existence of such an Energizer Bunny of a god, now would you? (