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Sexual Religion
A fundy god wouldn't, but that is not the only variety available; Check into Dionysianism. *This* son of God, actually had balls, and had no perjorative notions about using them. AFAIK, he knew there was no difference between the ecstacy of sex or prayer, and maintained that they were both the gift of God. Why else would people utter the name of God during sex? There are two things men share with God- the power to think, and the power

Sexual Acts
I find it noteworthy, that Aristotle, whose book on Ethics was so widely respected by the church fathers, and whose *integrity* was never questioned, never said diddly about homosexuality. It was, as it should be, a matter of personal choice. I find it further peculiar that the gay community has tried using the Christian Bible for support, when there is an equally ancient and venerated canon in the Greek philosophers which has no animus against their lifestyle. The Dionysian temple

Good Christian Hitler
"I have no patience with actors who try to mimic life, with worn out, used up people who swathe themselves in wisdom so as to appear *objective*, with histrionic agitators who wear magic hoods on their straw heads, with ambitious artists who try to pass for ascetics and priests yet are, at bottom, only tragic buffoons. And I am equally out of patience with those newest speculators in idealism, so-called anti-Semites, who parade as Christian-Aryan worthies and endeavor to stir

Presumably you support this? I find it peculiar that *all* of the ancient Greek philosophers, which are numbered among the greatest minds of all time, believed in God. Although granted, that their belief was not elaborated with the mythology seen in your list of religions. It is, after all, one thing to say God exists, and an entirely different thing to describe his attributes, in which the Greeks were notably reticent... but then they did not try to talk so

Doing the nasty, xtian s
LOL! Scuze me, but don't you wish they *were*? OFFLINE 1.58 Like a castrati contata; balls ain't everything.

Murder Sentances
we When asked if there were drugs in the prison, the con said "Sure! the warden likes it that way. It keeps us quiet." And, if asked why he is there in the first place, often enough you find that it is because of a drug habit that made him violent. Seems to be an obvious contradiction. But, OTOH, the addiction leads to crimes, which leads to the shoot-outs to get the shoot-ups. But spoze we *selected the drugs*

Soul definition
Spoze 'soul' is not binary, but a floating point phenomena; which is, that some forms have more, and others less. We speak of some figures in history as being 'great souls', and others so infamous as to be 'soulless'; the Bagavad Gita stipulates that Krishna, or God, can create a form, and animate it- an Avatar. Such forms do not have any soul or motivation of their own, but simply perform, rather like a robot. For all you know, I

Homophobic History
...begins with the Hebrews, mandated to be fruitful and multiply, a wise policy- for a small nation between the masses of Egypt and Babylon. The Christian adoption of *this*, and the acceptance of the Hebrew practice of slavery, *while* excluding the other parts of the Mosaic law, was both expedient and fortuitous. The 6th cent BCE Athenian leader/philosopher Solon, abolished the practice of slavery pointing out that the army was recruited from the strong sons of yeoman farmers. He saw

be But the point of Murphy, is that prediction does not work! You have some evidence that it does? like weathermen? Yes, but it was the exceptionally *perfect* timing of this weather that I refer to. Perhaps I should have been more explicit, or I should've known that your pre-conceptions wouldn't pick up on it. I So far as I know, God, folks did it all the time before that night and there's no reason to think that night would

No problem Richard. The copy of your response runs almost 300 more lines, and involves several threads, so lemmee just respond to the first few, and maybe the others can wait resolution later. Careful here. Which lie? that I find this peculiar, or that this collection of philosophers were all *deist*? Perhaps I wasn't as clear as I had hoped. My point was based on the fact that I have read these guys for decades, and never came across *any*

Re: Theists
I take then that you do not think that it *actually* has validity in the events you see happening to the people you know? Well obviously, since I posted the question, I have. Of course, Murphy would suggest that someone *would* interpret my statement to include gravity, which I never thought of as some of the shit that happens. No matter how carefully you try to craft a question someone will screw it up... another Murphy tenet. So let me

Sexual Acts
Agreed; I have heard of this also. Furthermore there are animal studies which suggest that when you put a species under stress, you see an increase in homosexual behavior. hmmmm.... Well, for one, the philosophers were not 'pagan'; what they were was *polite*, they knew paganism was superstitious bullshit, but also were well aware of the trial of Socrates, and did not wanna take up drinking hemlock. I can understand their effort to work with the mindset of the predominant

Sexual Action
If Hmmm. Spoze some hackers invented digital dildos and an electronic vagina hooked up to the inet. They could set up a virtual reality whorehouse. The sexual professional could have the dildo inserted in her vaginal orfice, and the geek could stick his- and the dildo could do everything his-.. well you get the idea. Now: is this *either* fornication or adultery? And what is going to be even more fun than the above, is to watch the fundies going

Tortured History
I've been reading Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I've been reading the Greek and Roman classics for decades, so I can see why his scholarship has been so widely admired. He traces the development of Christianity within the empire quite thoroughly, and his ability to recall, and compare, the different contemporary sources for particular incidents is remarkable. He counted the number of Bishops who died in the persecutions of the pagan emperors, and reached a total of

De jevu
I have, for some time now, been asking people about their De jevu kinds of experience. There seems to be some difference in what I understand, and what is portrayed in the media. to wit: 1 It's not as though the event was someplace one had been before, so much as the setting was instantly recognized as being in some remembered dream. 2 Immediately after the recollection, one foresees what everyone, including oneself, will say and do for the next

Re: Delusions
Perhaps you would enlighten me and actually *name* even *one* of your set of _atheist philosophers_? The impression I got from the rebuttals was that they were aimed at the so-called 'sophists', a group whose trip it was to make outrageous statements and back up their rhetoric with fallacious logic. Which I see, is still very popular. Perhaps you could find some sophist documentation? The impression I have, is that when you put their crap on paper and go to

Scuze me David. You didn't quote me entirely. Maybe you missed it where I defined them as the set of ancient Greek philosophers. I am well aware that there were sophists who enjoyed being making outrageous claims like Athieism, but none of their sophistry has been found to my knowlege. So, A: I dunno who they are, and B: I dunno what they said. Yes but I don't see where *each and every* one of these ancient Greek philosphers argued

Biblical logic
My limited logic suggests that the Bible is either: all literally true all allegorically true part literal, part allegorical part false all false. Obviously, I have seen some evidence to suggest that the Bible is not all false. If it were all literally true, it wouldn't contain contradiction, which I see it does. If it were all allegorically true, then the document would be worth little more than a good novel, but since some of it is demonstrably factual, it

Really? I thought they killed them all; I know they tried to. I live in the Ozarks, got a book on them. Says they usta use the hills here for hideouts and raid the Caddo down on the Arkansas river, and damn near put them out of business. They depleted the Caddo so much they turned up into Missouri and Illinois. To put it rather more bluntly than the historians, they usta hit a village, kill all the men, and

Shit happens
I have to credit Joseph Campbell's work on mythology for making me aware that there were alternative concepts of God besides that tyrannical asshole YWVH. Zeus for instance, was more like a town mayor; a power to be reckoned with, but not omnipotent. For one, there were his daughters, the Muses, over whom he had no control whatever... I can sympathize. Was their momma was Chaos? But, Campbell's deconstruction back to Chalcolithic Aryan roots presents a pretty viable cosmology in