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Maybe you can tell me
is Are you sure it's not that the question shakes your puny religious beliefs and you _cannot_ answer it truthfully?

no not that
You _must_ be new here. Name the atheists. Name the journal where they published this amazing finding.

Yes, from time to time my friends do things I do not like. This does not mean we're no longer friends. However, if one of these friends committed an 'abomination' (i.e., murder), I would have to seriously reconsider the friendship. You stand on your head?????

Let me get this straight. If I, as a non-christian, save your life tomorrow, then I have performed an evil act in the eyes of God????

Re: Back in the USSR
Bugger off, then... Having the Federal gov't prying into more and more details of our private lives is a good thing? What the slave-holders did to the slaves sucked. Slavery is wrong. But equating the Confederacy with slaveholders is like equating homosexuals with child-molesters. <g>

The Devil
Except dipshits who cower in fear, hoping their imaginary bully will allow them a pleasant afterlife...

* Hey! *
So basically, you're just confused?

No. I am rather certain of his non-existance. There is _no_ evidence for His existence, therefore I do not waste my time "believing" in Him. If you can come up with some evidence, maybe I'll change my mind... No, I don't "believe" in evolution. Evolution is a fact. I believe the Theory of evolution is at least a good approximation of what happened. Because the evidence I've seen supports evolution. Do you have evidence for your beliefs? If so, please

Aids Kills
_IF_ there was evidence of this god, then you might be right. However, you fundy types don't seem to be able to come up with any evidence...

Merry Christmas...
a I If you wish me to reply to this garbage, run it through a grammar checker first. I don't have time to decipher your convoluted thought processes...

Emptiness redux
It's really easy, Steve. You have to be a christian in order to know how to look inside yourself <smirk>... I'm really amazed at the changes in Jesse. He used to seem kinda rational.

Emptiness redux
a I'm confused. Is all the stuff you listed supposed to give evidence for Gawd or for Steve's emptiness???

The Reign of God is at ha
Blasphemer! Doesn't the Babble say there will be a second coming? Wouldn't that be a shame... Isn't this the same bullshit we've heard for the last 2000 years?

Maybe You Can Tell Me
I'd rather burn forever than bend knee to a egotistic bully... I guess they think everyone is as much a weak-kneed chickenshit as the are. You're probably right <g>. If they can believe in Gawd, they can believe anything.

it None of the writings used as "proof" of Ceasar, et al, attribute any supernatural powers to any of them. Your Babble does, however, attribute supernatural powers to both Jesus and God. Therefore, a bit more is required in the way of evidence. Most educated people will not deny that an individual named Jesus lived during the time the Bible claimed he did. What we do deny is the fact that he was the "Son of God." The legends of

Better him than that Savelli moron <g>...

You morons never learn, do you? _You_ must convince _us_. There is no evidence that God doesn't exist, just as there is no evidence that he does exist. In order to "prove" God's non-existence, one would have to be able to look _everywhere_ for him. All you have to do is come up with one little piece of reasonable evidence that He exists. Can you? I thought not. Now why don't you go out and play with the other children

help for Jesse?
WHAT PROOF?!?!?!?!

I think most people here would agree that someone named Jesus lived during the period in question. The historical evidence that we find lacking deals with his being the Son of God.

Oh, hell, I don't know. Crucify Jesse, maybe? That's interesting. I guess I'll have to dig out my copy of the Bible and read Esther...