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Reading Incomprehension
And what about the truth that exists in reality? Gravity and such? Not to mention their eyes, ears, education and lives in general.

Cheese Whiz
How many fetuses have you witnessed that were subjected to this treatment? Can you answer a simple direct question?

God misses victims . . .
This looks like the most promising theory to date. Guess we'll have to go with it. And if he continues to resist common sense suggestions, it could be nasty.

Pray Contest
Ah, that life would be so simple in reality. Don't worry little fella, the government will look after you.

Rant Wars with "Commie Su
to Ooo, yuk. I had never made the connection. Sean may go off the deep end occasionally but at least his brain is in use. Jim Staal's brain has been safely tucked away out of risk from what I've seen. I've never seen him use it.

Traditional Christian wea
Hey, watch it! Where I live, at this time of year porridge is attractive. It's food AND heat.

Glodbreg bettered!
Gee, thanks for that. I have to go now. I have to spend an hour with the Oxford English Dictionary and clean out my mind.

a It seems to stem from the assumption that because it is physically possible to produce children that the ability to raise them must exist. No end of parenting advice is available from grandparents, siblings, and the good old bible. What actually drives people to produce many children is probably a combination of many factors, but social approval has to be one of the biggest. True. My wife used to work at a street-level counselling center. Many of the cases

"Atheists who do no good"
That was supposed to be the ideal presented by the story of the woman caught in adultery. Jesus as a perfect being was ostensibly free of the need to judge others. I doubt that can be done. One of the subtleties of Christianity is that while there is no mechanism of a pathway of growth to enlightenment, there is opportunity for anyone to be struck by a bolt of wisdom. I just haven't ever seen it happen.

I agree. Just scooped the lonly def. out of the OEd for Richard. It would befittig for the perspective normally adopted by fundies.

The Virgin Susie
Leading us to conclude that it lacks its own inertia. Moderation is a term that has always implied thought-and-response to me, but in this forum "moderate" means "not-true." As long as the majority people continue to think, we're in pretty good shape.

It is, as the only definition, and it does stink, and i've got four replies on it (as if I wrote it). I shall write to their review board and see what I can start. Looks to me that it works perfectly well if you're an Anglican clergiman.

"flat earth" town
Of course. Ah, the instructor. And you didn't learn how to pass anyway. Now the book. Don't they expect you to read anything but one book, or to take responsibility for passing courses yourself? That ought to tell 'em. I'll bet they change their ways after you do that. Quelle surprise. Had anyone met you when they drew this mistaken assessment of you? Well, get used to it. Sounds like life in the real world to me.

Cheese Whiz
Listen, YOU'RE the one who wants all the laws made. WE didn't say they weren't stupid. Did you read about the case near Ottawa in the last couple of months where the woman shot her unborn fetus in the skull, inside her womb, a day before birth? It was tossed out of court. She was charged with attempted murder but it was a simple formality, and the law was not challenged. It states very clearly that the fetus was not

Carl Sagan
You posted no such information. You posted what is claimed to be a review of existing literature by an unknown researcher. You did not post your sources. You did not post enough information that would give anyone a way to follow it up. When considered with the rest of your postings, also unreferenced and unfounded, your posting looked like the usual pack of lies that drives honest people away from the church. Folks that are honestly seeking answers to spiritual

Pray Contest
Nobody asked you to prove anything. Just tell us why God starves innocent people to death. Do you know?

Cheese Whiz
Nothing died. Nobody new anything about this until there was a relatively normal delivery except the child had a bullet hole in its skull. It was a CHILD and as I have already said, it survived. Any adopted child goes through this, genius. Unlikely according to the latest medical reports. be As far as I know, the child has been returned to its parents. Since nobody broke any laws and it doesn't look like there will be any appeals, I

The Alignment List 01/
You're destroying your mistique. I was sure you had one of those 8-1/2" Morrow Designs 2MB hard disks. No?

atheistic bombast
Exactly like a crack addict. No matter how many times, "This time it will be different."

cheese whiz
I can see I'm going to have to sneak up on that turnip this weekend. It was in the kitchen last Saturday when I executed the other one. I wonder if being covered in wax limits the effect at all.