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Every time I go there, that's what I do immediately next.

Thank you. I assure you, I occasionally earn the honourific.

Circular Reasoning.
Ah. Living as I do in close proximity to Toronto, I make an effort to not know most people.

Staal wants to know.
Shh, you might wake the Kraken.

"As God is my witness, I swear I didn't know turkeys can't fly."

Virgin Mary
LOL! Thanks for the post.

"flat earth" town
Right. This from someone who lives in a country with the biggest arms expenditure on the planet. And how does this affect those countries whose populations cannot be supported by the land in which they live such as Ethiopia, or Bangladesh? Sounds good to me. I don't feel like working any more or protecting the resources to which I have access. Can I have yours now? The pope has had a rather stern opinion regarding birth control. You may not

The pitter-patter of little fetus
It's that confidence which accompanies ignorance that I find amusing. More for me to anchor onto. I didn't quite have my sea legs there.

Ah. Around here, every town with a population of 5000 has a pipe band. I wonder where Clan McCleay gets its supplies. One doesn't buy bag seasoning at the 7-11. People love the pipes or hate them, but if there is a heaven, there is a special place for parents who listen while their children learn them.

Canadian Politics
They are. Only the rest of Canada is bilingual. Quebec's signs, even something like "Warning: Bridge Out" are exclusively French. Just two weeks ago they completed stripping the last of the English signs out of hospitals. Despite the efforts that federalists (me included) have made in these last few years to hold things together, this attitude invites the growing resentment that exists in Anglophone Canada. As is true for northeastern Toronto, where a huge chunk of it is Chinese. But

Canadian Politics
Not if they are unarmed. Yes. Most Canadians would accept that as given. It doesn't mean we're not Canadian. It means we're not stupid.

Anti-Abortion Mania
Isn't it the right to bear arms? I never studied American history but I thought it was the right to organize militias that was the goal of armament. It is unlikely a necessary part of the balance today between the inertia of the US government and its citizens, don't you think? You've got me; I've never heard this. My reference was from a recent discussion I saw on Canadian gun control and I just accepted it without question. Isn't most

I forget
Yes. For perhaps a few generations. The whole cultural psychosocial attitude has to change, and that would be a 50-year project were it to be undertaken. Yeah, they're pretty ugly. I wonder if we'll be getting chainsaw control laws now. I submit that armed violence is still a function of the degree of individuality vis a vis the awareness of membership in any community. Ireland's willingness to put up with horrible instances of violence in "defence" of either side's cultural

Anti-Abortion Mania
We have them, just at a lower rate. That's probably accurate. When my father died I inherited his collection of WWII and older weapons. I gave them away. I read Skinner in the 60's while he still had a lot of influence in psychology. The last sociology course I took was one on the effect of mass media on society, in 1992. In psychology, yes. In sociology, no. Skinner would have had an opinion suicide, but no official opinion about

My mother the spook
Thanks much, Curtis. Appreciated and saved for later.

Good grief. No charge, drop in anytime.

Alignment list
Dave Hamilton Newcastle Left of Xtian 1 yr Ontario, Canada

Assisted Suicide
I have almost NEVER seen such advice benefit the receiver, only the giver. Yeah, we're talking quiet decisions with loud political reactions. Especially if they consider your interests and realize that you don't do it for their personal inconvenience. Yes, this is a thing we need to be close in with our children, teaching them BEFORE they are swamped with that pain. Only because you don't have the physical ability to administer your own medication. No other reason. I've never

Xstians v Sinners = Guns
Only to the timesharing condo.

"atheism /n. the theory or belief that God does not exist."